Totoong Pinay

Visual Artist, Poet, Dancer
and All Arts Advocate


Hi! Welcome to Totoong Pinay!

Thanks to VHS Website Administrator Becky Ventura Wilder for giving me a webpage where I will have the chance to communicate and share everything positive about me to my classmates, schoolmates and others in my beloved alma mater - VILLAMOR HIGH SCHOOL and also to other interested non-Villamorians everywhere.

By visiting me in Totoong Pinay, you will never have a dull moment because I will entertain you with my awesome paintings, poems, anecdotes and favourite quotations, subtle, graceful Hawaiian, Tahitian and Egyptian, Turkish belly dances in beautiful and colourful costumes.

Perhaps some of you knew that I have gone a long way, from a poor, ashmatic, skinny and very shy girl, I came out to be a strong woman of substance.

Especially in my hey day, looking for a job was not a problem to me. Employers hired me although I was not the topnotch applicant, but because I was competent, charming, trendy, sexy and yet modest. Almost the same thing happened when I applied as immigrant in Canadian Embassy in Makati back in 1971. The consul who interviewed me asked, "Since you finished Foreign Service, what is Monroe Doctrine about"? I vaguely remembered, but I came up with a brief answer, "It was a war agreement of countries about fair treatment of captured soldiers." The consul smiled and his chin went up and down. And upon my arrival in Toronto, Canada, for a week I applied for jobs in five big companies. All this hired me, of course I picked the best workplace, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Main Branch, Commerce Court then the tallest building in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Now in my senior moments, I am still in demand. My fans keep praising me - "You are more beautiful;" "You are sexy;" "You look young and spritely;" "You are a blessing to others, that's why you're being blessed;" and "What is your secret?" My only answer to all this, "I like myself!"

Actuallly, I am confident and I have good reasons to move on and be useful which is worth fighting for ...fight ... fight ...fight. In doing so, first of all I believe in God; I continue learning new things to do; take care of myself well; I laugh a lot beside being naturally funny; stay in love with my passions, my family, good friends and I also get involved in community service to help the less fortunates.

So, welcome aboard and be my guests. Join this challenging journey towards fulfillment of my mission, a calling to promote all arts of the Philippines in four corners of the world slowly but surely.

I promise dedication and commitment to my endeavours from this day onward till death do us part. I hereby pronounce myself married to the love of my life - ARTS!

Enjoy and God bless!

"Grapes"  (Porcelain or China painting in oil)

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In the highest...

Glory be to God and The Holy Family

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Peace on earth and goodwill to men

Merry Christmas!


Tis the season to be happy

Spreading around kindness

Helping the poor and needy

Gift-giving to children, naughty

or nice

Serving special dinner to loved ones


On the twelfth day of Christmas

In church I pray...

Forgiveness from sins

Thank Him for blessings

Spare all from calamities, have mercy

oh Lord.


by Maria Nellie


All Rights Reserved.



"Flowers in Summer"


The weather temperature started to get warm
Early sunrise and late sunset are the good signs
Longer day makes me work until late at night 

When the cool breeze meets the warm breeze
Created the best summer solstice I am waiting
Very soothing like soft water carresing my skin

With lifted spirit, I wish to dress up lightly
Comfortable in loose T-shirt, skirt or pants
Wearing just walking or running pair of shoes

Join people hiking or sunbathing in the park
Draw and paint blooming flowers around
Read books of poetry, mystery and romance

Swimming in pool with friends is always nice
Barbecuing while having  a picnic is also fun
Line dancing at the Centre is really challenging.

Enjoy while I can for life and summer are short
I can be seriously working at the same time
Certainly will combine business with pleasure.

by Maria Nellie
All Rights Reserved.





Today maybe sunny, chilly, gloomy, rainy, hot and humid
Nevermind the sudden climate change, it is your birthday...
Smile, be with your love ones, celebrate and have a party
Blow your candles on the cake. make a wish with prayer
Wait patiently, have faith, dreams really do come true
Savour the icing, eat the cake, too, raise your wine glass
Make a toss, "cheers for the good life!"
And hear them sing, "Happy...happy...happy birthday to you
For you are a good fellow, for you are a good fellow..
For you are a good fellow....that nobody can deny...
Hep...hep... hurrah...hep...hep...hurrah!"

by Maria Nellie
All Rights Reserved.






I need an exquisite graphic design for a
company logo
To mark and identify Maria Nellie Studio 10...
Art & Poetry
Luckily, I found a picture of the stargazer lily
with a mixture of warm and cool colours
Symbol of beauty, humility, purity, simplicity,
and prosperity
The lasting legacy I would like to convey,
pass it on and leave behind

On a sketch book, I started drawing studies
of this special flower in pencil
I always see the stargazer lily beautiful, colourful
and a real winner
Being in the mood, I sketched it on a small
primed canvass
Using acrylic, I paint...paint...paint...almost
Until my eyes and hands got so tired and sore

I usually take a break, go outside for a walk,
breath fresh air and have coffee
At the end of the day, after two painting
sessions, I relax, eat and sleep
Tomorrow is always another day, continue to
paint again...
Indeed, it is taking more time to finish it as I
am too careful in the rendering
Cannot remember anymore how many painting
sittings I have on this project

However, I am beginning to see a beautiful art
piece here that I will treasure
Hoping I will finish painting the stargazer lily
logo soon
Take a picture of it, scan and save it in my
Ready to post it on Facebook and Maria Nellie
Studio 10 page
By spring, when April showers bring May
flowers, the logo will lead

To a new beginning of -
Art and poetry business online will open after
The best labour of love birthday gift ever for
Art and poetry anyone? I invite you to
visit and check this website
Your orders, feedbacks and concerns are
important, please contact Nellie at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , feeling happy to
serve you all!

by Maria Nellie
All Rights Reserved.







(by Katrina C. Guevara, Manila Journalist)

In porcelain painting, she sketches and designs her own composition on paper before she draws and paints it on porcelain plate or platter. “It takes a long process... to paint from light to dark colors and to fire in a kiln at high temperature for several times.”

Seeing her works is like being transported in her own little world. Her paintings reflect that of her own perspective, how she view the little things that we often take for granted like flowers, fruits and such. Drawing inspiration from nature, her paintings, though some depict those that are in Canada gives me a feel as if I am really in the particular scene. It’s like being stuck in a story book, it gives you a picture but there is still room for your imagination to work.

Hers was a story of a typical deprived artist. “I was already passionate about painting ever since I was a kid. When my cousin took up Fine Arts in the University of Santo Tomas, I was so jealous.” Coming from a poor family, she wasn’t able to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist early on. “My mother wanted me to take up a course that would be easy to finish.” So she put her dream of being an artist behind her and took up Bachelor of Arts and Foreign Service at Lyceum of the Philippines. She landed a few secretarial jobs here and there after graduation. It was her sheer determination to have a better life and support her parents that brought her to Toronto, Canada.

Bautista was already 50 years old, when she rediscovered her love for painting. “I felt that there was something lacking,” she said. She started taking art courses one after another in famous artist studios in Toronto. She also took workshops here in the Philippines at the Ayala Museum, where she had been classmates with the elite. She compares her passion for painting to eating. To her it is really something unquenchable, “When I’m not painting and I’m busy doing other things, I crave. Even in my sleep!” Bautista said.

She joined the Philippine Artists Group of Canada around four years ago. “I discovered PAG through a postcard. I originally just wanted to join them in their group painting sessions outside,” Bautista said. She submitted one of her porcelain paintings for proof that she is an artist. Then suddenly, Bautista received a call from one of the officials of PAG that they loved her work – so much, that they have already displayed it in their website. Her painting, “Peony”, in watercolor was her first big break.

As of writing, she has had six exhibits both in Canada and the Philippines. Three of those were with PAG June 2004, September-October 2005 and at Art Space last 2006. She also had one with her international artist friend Gion Gounet in Manila last 2006.

Her artworks, like her life, carry the same optimism that Bautista has. As she mentioned in her art statement, “Like in any other paintings I do, still life, landscapes, figures and portraits, and either in Chinese brush painting or in printmaking, there is always a story behind that I am trying to communicate to the world. It shows the past, present and future feeling, movement, reality, dream, Zen and the balance of yin and yang. I am an optimist, so that each of my artworks tells that after struggle in life and you are still at the edge, just focus on what you are doing well, and believe that "In every cloud, there is a silver lining”