Sta. Ana, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ongoing Projects:

  • Click for Info Computer Project:  Computers need repairs or replacement and internet connection. 

  • Click for Info Computer Internet Connection: Ayala Foundation support expired in August 2007, and is now currently paid by a group of Villamorians, we need this funded forever.

  • Click for Info Library Computer Internet Connection: Currently being paid by a group of Villamorians, we need this funded forever.

    Please contact the current school principal Mrs. Evelyn Gabuya at 563-2108 (if you're in the US add 011632)  if you want to help fix computers or donate money on this project for computer replacement or internet connection or for other projects.

A brief history of VHS Computer Lab and Internet Connection:

In 2004, class'64 celebrated their Ruby jubilee and as a gift to their Alma Mater decided to establish a Computer lab, to provide the students the tool necessary to advance their educational foundation in this age of information technology. The project provided an air-conditioner, 10 computers, the room with chairs, tables and all the necessary accessories required to hook them up for internet connection. In addition, 2 additional computers were donated to the library. Class'64 and the principal worked on having the computers connected to the internet in 2005, however, a problem arose when the phone lines were found to be under another school's name. The principal sought the assistance of the Department of Education, and fortunately, the Department of Education has an ongoing project to connect all schools to the internet since 1995 contingent upon meeting their criteria. The Class '64 project qualified and passed, thus the GILAS and Ayala Foundation involvement on this project.   

In August 2006, the orientation and evaluation of VHS were finished; 15 additional computers were donated by the Department of  Education to the computer lab and the Ayala Foundation donated one. Funding was delayed due to some rule regarding public schools receiving money from non-governmental or non-school related foundations like The Ayala Foundation paying for utility bills.  Class'64 then arranged for VHSAFI to receive the money from Ayala Foundation to pay for the internet service for one year. In January 2007, the computer lab was connected to the internet, and that internet service expired in August 2007.  

Continued service to this day was assured by some anonymous donors including the computers donated to the library.  An additional 5 internet connected computers were donated by Class '64 in early 2007 to the library to reduce the long lines of students waiting their turn to do their research projects. 

It took 3 years for VHS to have this information technology, and we hope to continue this alumni service to the school.  We need to have computers repaired or replaced and to continue the internet service connection.


Mrs. Evelyn Gabuya, VHS School Principal
Mr. Mario Deriquito Program Director, Ayala Foundation, Inc.