Welcome to the website of Villamor High School, a public school, an enduring beacon of knowledge on Pasig Line Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines. For over half a century, it has been educating, inspiring and caring for the youth in the community. Of its almost a quarter of a million alumni, many are accomplished and established in their calling in the home or business in the Philippines and around the world.

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Proud Villamorians of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

My Dear Fellow Villamorians!

Welcome to the Villamor website.

This website is under revision, we’re on the process of working on this website. Thanks for your patience .

Mrs Maria Christina Guerrero Fermin, VHS IT Teacher
Website Administrator


Greetings, Fellow Villamorians!

First and foremost, I would like to express my heart-felt thank you to our VHSAAA 2012-2014 Executive Officers for their dedication, hard-work, perseverance and diligence for the success of our recently concluded Grand Reunion last July 25-27, 2014 in San Francisco, California. You all have been inspirational role models for me and I’m sure the rest of the Alumni will agree, as well as the next generation of VHSAAA Officers to come. Like I mentioned from my short speech, I’m going to continue and maintain the legacy that you all have passed on so the VHSAAA tradition and spirit lingers on.

Before I announce our newly-elected VHSAAA Officers for 2014-2016, let me share with you the plans for our 2016 Grand Reunion which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada around September or October time frame, the details will still need to be discussed and agreed on. My plan is to encourage and motivate more Villamorians to that upcoming celebration, so I have taken the liberty of contacting some of the active or “core” people in some batches, which I would call this: PROJECT: REACH-OUT!!!

Now, I’m very pleased, honored and humbled to announce and introduce our VHSAAA Executive Officers for 2014-2016:

• President – Melanio (Mel) Casupanan ‘73
• VP – No. California – Susan Cifriano ‘76
• VP – So. California – Edita Reyes ‘72
• VP – Canada – Fleur deliz Pichay ‘67
• VP – Outside California – Lydia Antolin ‘61
• Treasurer – Elvira Rillon ‘76
• Corresponding Secretary – Zennie McClintock ‘68
• Recording Secretary – Teresa Franco ‘72
• Auditor – Elisa Torres ‘81
• PRO – Carlos Unas ‘66

I guess I’m considered the “new kid in the block” so I’m looking forward to personally meeting and knowing you all, if not most of you, so please bear with me when those “senior moments” start to creep up.

See you all in 2016 in Las Vegas!!!

To God Be The Glory!

Mel E. Casupanan



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