Dr. Rosita Gallega Galang, Admiral/Ambassador Guillermo Wong,
Dr. Rex Barbosa and Mr. Rudy Robles

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The history of the Villamor High School (VHS) Alumni Associations dates back to the early 70s when alumni organized their first class homecoming followed later by the general alumni homecoming. These events are documented by clippings from Ang Mulawin and The Molave published during the said years.

1973 – The First VHS Class Alumni Homecoming on March 11 was organized by Class 1961 where they recognized their outstanding alumni and established the Villamor High School Alumni Association (VHSAA). Dr. Rosita Gallega Galang, class valedictorian and one of the honorees, was elected first President.

Following are the clippings from Ang Mulawin, July-December, 1972 and April, 1973 which document the announcement of and report on the first class alumni homecoming.

1975 –The First VHS General Alumni Homecoming was held and was attended by 1960 - 1974 graduates who elected Dr. Galang as President  and their class representatives as board members.

Below is the clipping from The Molave, February, 1975 which documents the report on the first general alumni homecoming.

1976: Dr. Galang, Clarence and Julie Cruz Diramos, Cenon M. Carolino, Danilo T. Bautista, Alice Roxas Ruiz, Atty. Maryla Coloma, Nelita Martija Bautista and other members of Class ’61 then residing in the Philippines, the United States and Canada attended class meetings and reunions and granted scholarships to deserving students in their efforts to form an alumni association in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Dr. Galang, elected president, presided over their meetings. She was awarded a Plaque of Appreciation from VHS on February 1, 1976.

The Rosita Gallega Galang 1976 Plaque of Appreciation stated:

“In grateful recognition of the vital part she played in the field of education, which made her a constant recipient of distinctive awards and scholarships

For her dynamic leadership and her sincere dedication to the VHS Alumni Association
For her deep concern for the students of Villamor which led her to pioneer the scholarship project for deserving students.”

Signed by
Miss Fe M. Navarro   
Mrs. Felicisima Q. Inovero

Mr. Mario P. Reyes   
Mrs. Leticia E. Alunan

Mrs. Gloria P. Reyes
Principal Mr. Mateo A. Angeles   
Asst. Principal Miss Tomasa R. Magabo

1985: Class 1961 gathered their classmates in preparation for their forthcoming 25th (Silver) anniversary.  They held meetings which they called Villamor High School Alumni Association meetings but the association was not registered.

1986: The First VHS Silver Alumni Homecoming was organized by Class 1961 for their 25 years homecoming celebration. The attendees appointed the new Officers and Board of Directors who in turn voted Admiral Guillermo Wong President.

Class 1960 did not have a Silver Homecoming in 1985 according to Gaudelia Walde, a long time Class 1960 VHSAFI representative and VHSAFI President  2000-2001, because of “The People Power Revolution (also known as the EDSA Revolution and the Philippine Revolution of 1986), a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines that began in 1983 and culminated in 1986.”  

The First Formal Formation of an Alumni Organization was organized by Class 1962 before and after their Silver Homecoming celebration which they registered as the Villamor High School Alumni Association, Inc. (VHSAAI), which brought about in later years the birth of the Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. (VHSAFI), Villamor High School Alumni Association of America (VHSAAA), and the latest addition was the Villamor High School Alumni Association of Vancouver, BC Canada (VHSAAVBCC).

2005: The VHS Website ( was created by Rebecca Ventura Wilder ’65 in 2005 and has been maintained by her since its creation. Revised in 2007 and 2010, the website was dedicated by caring Villamorians interested in reading and sharing news about fellow Villamorians and friends all over the world and at the same time keeping the communication with current VHS students, teachers, and administrators going. The management of the website will be turned over to the VHS Technology Department this year after a decade of existence as an effective communication medium for the Villamor High School and its community of stakeholders.

The website informs the VHS alumni, students and other interested persons by posting the histories, activities and projects of the alumni associations. It also facilitates an open and continuing dialogue among alumni residing in and outside the Philippines thus helping clarify miscommunications and avoid misunderstandings.

Aiming to provide accurate information, encourage the discussion of important and relevant issues and offer solutions to problems, the website helps promote understanding, cooperation and collaboration between and among officers and associations. Thus, the website plays a very significant role in the existence and success of the VHS alumni associations.


Admiral/Ambassador Guillermo Wong ‘62, Founding President

1986, January: Membersof the Class of 1961 called a General Assembly of VHS alumni in order to elect a new Board of Directors and Officers. Only a handful attended, including some members of Class 1962. These attendees appointed the new Board of Directors who elected Guillermo Wong of Class 1962 to the Presidency of the VHS Alumni Association.

Realizing that the Board of Directors and its executive officers had no mandate from the alumni, the class of 1962 made it a point to institutionalize the alumni association by formally organizing, operationalizing, legalizing and registering the Villamor High School Alumni Association, Incorporated (VHSAAI) with the Securities and Exchange Commission in order not to put in vain the efforts of previous reunion organizers to continually gather the alumni on an annual basis, in addition to other noble purposes. In order to achieve the aforementioned goal, Class ‘62 formed an organization called "The Friends of Villamor High School" to raise funds, draft the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the alumni association envisioned and prepare for its ratification at the General Assembly to be called during their Silver Jubilee the following year.

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1987, February: During the Silver Jubilee of Class ‘62, the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of Villamor High School Alumni Association, Incorporated was approved and ratified by the General Assembly, which was attended by a considerable number of alumni. The Board of Directors was elected by the General Assembly and the Officers voted by the Board of Directors. In this year, the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Board also drafted amendments to the By-Laws proposing, among others, the addition of another Committee, the Scholarship Committee, to be presented for approval and ratification of the General Assembly during the Silver Jubilee of Class 1963. The funds that were raised in 1986 and 1987 were placed in a time deposit, the interest of which was to be used to fund the scholarship program.

1988, February: During the Silver Jubilee of Class 1963 the amendments to the By-Laws which included the addition of the Scholarship Committee were approved and ratified by the General Assembly. Another set of Board of Directors and Officers composed of old and new members were elected by the General Assembly. The VHSAAI was now legal and fully operational; and the Scholarship Program was created and initially intended exclusively for the poor children of Villamor High School alumni.

1989, February: During the Silver Jubilee of Class 1964, another set of Board of Directors and Officers were elected. Members of the Board belonging to Class ‘62 decided not to run for re-election to pave the way for other alumni to have an active part in running the VHSAAI. They believed that each class had their own share of members who could ably run an alumni association. The Board of Directors and Officers of the VHSAAI continued with each Silver celebrating class. However, it was learned that somehow from 1990 - 1994, there was a change in policy on the disposition of the Scholarship Fund. Instead of relying on the interest of the Fund’s time deposit, which
was envisioned to increase from fund-raising activities, the Board decided to spend the entire fund at one time to increase the number of scholars and simply relying on yearly donations for the succeeding years. 


Dr. Rex Barbosa ‘70, Founding President

1993: Class 1968 alumni were the Silver celebrants at the Coconut Palace reunion. This was the first time that Dr. Rex Barbosa ‘70 attended; there were only two of them from his Class who attended.

1994: The second time Dr. Barbosa attended was the reunion at the Army-Navy Club, Luneta hosted by Class 1969, wherein there was a formal turnover of the reunion banner to Class 1970. Dr. Barbosa was the last President of VHSAAI from 1994 - 1995 and founded the Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. (VHSAFI).

1995 to Present: As the last President of VHSAAI (1994 - 1995), Dr. Barbosa realized that the current system of getting yearly donations for the Scholarship Program would not work forever. There was no money left when he took over the VHSAAI Scholarship Program. In order to continue to acquire donations to finance the program and other projects, he thought of saving the association by converting it into a foundation where they could legally ask for donations and issue tax deductible receipts.  He founded the Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc.(VHSAFI) and continued the Scholarship Program as defined by VHSAAI now named Education Program which oversees donations for several VHSAFI scholars, twelve Villamor High School Alumni Association of America (VHSAAA) scholars and additional “Adopt a Villamorian” recipients. Currently VHSAFI is considered the main (mother) Alumni Association that oversees and coordinates alumni projects at the Villamor High School.

VHSAFI Presidents:
1995 - 1996 - Dr. Rex G. Barbosa ’70  (Founding Chairman/President)
1996 - 1997 - Susan Jacobo Enriquez ‘71
1997 - 1998 - Antonio Esporlas ‘72
1998 - 1999 - Flora R. Dacara ‘73
1999 - 2000 - Crisanta P. Ignacio ‘69
2000 - 2001 - Gaudelia L. Walde ‘60
2001 - 2002 - Rosalia R. Casanova ‘69
2002 - 2005 - Atty. Bonifacio Cabatit '68
2005 - 2006 - Maria Corazon Baldevarona Nubla '64
2006 - 2008 - Carmencita Guce Parreno '64
2008 - 2010 - Miriam B. Martinez ‘76
2010 - 2011 - Atty. Ding Silva ’69
2011 - 2012 - Ptr. Dindo Carino ’69
2012 - 2013 - Gil Carolino ’62
2013 - 2015 - Dr. Marcelino Bautista ‘67


Dr. Rosita Gallega Galang ’61, Founding President

Early Beginnings or Forerunners

Prior to the founding of the VHSAAA, alumni in the United States hosted class or mini reunions and informal gatherings to keep in touch with classmates, take a journey to their high school days, welcome those visiting from the Philippines or another state or country or organize themselves. A few of such gatherings were reported in The Molave Newsletter (MoN) and The Mulawin Newsletter (MuN).

1992-1995: Luis Vargas ’61 who had been tracking his batch and other graduates of Villamor High School (VHS) called a meeting to organize the alumni and plan a class reunion on November 27, 1992 at the residence of Mary Brioso Glory ’61 in Harbor City, CA. He announced that he had prepared a Class ’61 roster and had asked Rosita
Gallega Galang and Cenon Carolino, both ’61, to organize the class reunion that he had
been planning with batch mates since the ‘70s. Florino Avila ‘61 published The Molave Newsletter on September 15, 1994 and March 15, 1995 to connect with classmates and friends. (MuN Sp/Sum 1995, p.4)

**As reported in The Mulawin Newsletter (MuN) and other documents including, but not limited to, The Molave Newsletter (MoN); reunion souvenir programs, announcements and other materials; planning committee meeting minutes; survey of alumni and as recalled by majority of the persons cited in this document

July 3, 1993: Apollo Reyes, Cecilia Baldevarona Uyan, Mario Casupanan, Zennie Mojica McClintock, Zenaida Pardinas, Grace Hocson, Marilou Wong and others from Class ’68 held a reunion at Cerritos Park, CA. (MuN Sp/Sum 1995, p.3)

1994-1995: Returning from the grand reunion on April 15, 1994 at the Army-Navy Club in Manila where he donated funds for two scholars and was urged by classmates to organize an alumni association in the US, Moreno “Bon” Olano ’60 gathered his school mates in Southern CA to “promulgate the organization” first in June at his home in Glendale, then in July at Esmeraldo Pardinas’ ’60 residence in Corona, and again on
April 8, 1995 at Victory Orara ’60 and husband Danilo Bautista’s ‘61 home in Palos Verdes. While no Constitution or By-Laws was mentioned, Class ‘60 elected the officers of the VHS Alumni Association of Southern CA: M. Olano ’60, President; E. Pardinas ‘60, Vice-President; V. Bautista ’60, Secretary and Julia Regala Petrulli ’61, Treasurer.
Domingo Aquino, V. Bautista, Godofredo Espinosa, M. Olano and E. Pardinas, all ’60, and D. Bautista and J. Petrulli, both ’61, donated to the scholarship fund for 7 needy and deserving VHS students for the coming school year while L. Vargas and others in attendance pledged their support. (MuN Sp/Sum 1995, pp. 1, 3, & 4; Fall 1995, p.2)

Founding and Formal Establishment

Founding President Dr. Galang, asking the members present if they wanted to be an association. Click on the picture to see the items written on the white board.

The VHSAAA as it exists today with its Constitution and By-Laws was founded by alumni from different classes who banded together at the first general reunion on July 21-22, 1995 in So. San Francisco, CA and formally established by charter members at the second grand reunion on July 20-21, 1996 in El Segundo, CA. The birth of the association could be attributed to the vision, dedication and efforts not of a single founder but of a group of alumni inspired by their love for and pride in their Alma Mater.

1992-1995: While working for PACBELL, Luis Vargas ’61 initiated their class list and in 1992 asked R. Galang to organize their class reunion. Thus, L. Vargas was instrumental in organizing the first reunion of the VHSAAA. (MuN Sp/Sum 1995, p. 2)

R. Galang surveyed Class ’61 on January 13, 1993 to ask for their addresses, phone numbers and suggestions for the date, venue and type of reunion. Based on their responses, Class ’61 decided to hold a weekend reunion in July 1995 in San Francisco and Lydia Herrera Garcia ’61 updated the Vargas Class ‘61 roster which was later supplemented by information from a second survey at the first grand reunion in America and became the core of the VHSAAA membership directory. (MoN Sept 1994, p.1)
Class ’61 alumni mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area (Lina Brown Allarde, F. Avila, C. Carolino, Vera Fe De Vera Diel, L. Garcia, Antonio La Rosa, L. Vargas), at the invitation of R. Galang, met regularly and planned their class reunion. L. Allarde reserved the Gellert Park Clubhouse in Daly City and C. Carolino, chair of the accommodations committee, booked the Comfort Suites for the reunion in So. San Francisco. Learning about the Class ’61 reunion from L. Vargas and D. Bautista and excited to relay the appeal from classmates at the grand reunion they attended in February 1995 in Manila, V. Bautista and M. Olano, both Class ’60, asked through L. Vargas if Class ’60 could join the Class ’61 reunion. By that time Class ’61 had already decided to welcome all VHS alumni in the US and Canada. Class ’60 helped coordinate the participation of alumni from So. CA and other states and Eddie Frate and Nick Poblador, both Class ’60, joined the planning committee. (MoN Sept 1994, p.1; Sp/Sum 1995, p.2)

July 21-22, 1995: First Grand Reunion (Gellert Park Clubhouse, Daly City, CA and Comfort Suites, South San Francisco, CA)
Approximately 100 alumni representing different classes and coming from CA and as far as Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Virginia and Canada came together as one group at the first grand reunion. They founded the VHSAAA when they voted unanimously to organize themselves during the organizational meeting presided over by R. Galang. They discussed and approved basic details of the association: name; type/status (non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian); objectives (social and professional well-being of members, communication network, sponsorship of projects that benefit VHS alumni and students); procedures for establishing the association; frequency, date and location of future reunions and fees. They elected R. Galang chairperson of the organizational committee assigned to take charge of other details including drafting the Constitution and By-Laws to be ratified at the second reunion in Los Angeles to be planned by a committee chaired by M. Olano. V. Bautista and M. Olano then reported on the VHS grand reunion they attended in Manila where their classmates Gaudelia Luna Walde and Edna Matias, Chairperson of the Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. (VHSAFI) Scholarship Committee, appealed for the sponsorship of needy and deserving students. The alumni gave generously to the VHSAFI scholarship fund and made this a priority project of the VHSAAA. D. and V. Bautista distributed copies of the maiden issue of The Mulawin Newsletter which they published with the help of E. Pardinas ’60 and F. Avila ’61. It became the Association’s official newsletter with V. Bautista as first editor. (MuN Sp/Sum 1995, pp. 2 & 4; Fall 1995, pp. 1 & 4-6)

July 19-20, 1996: Second Grand Reunion (Hacienda Hotel at LAX, El Segundo, CA)
More than 200 alumni from California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Canada and the Philippines formally established and became charter members of the VHSAAA with their ratification of the Constitution and By-Laws drafted and presented by R. Galang and Atty. Maryla Coloma Dino, both ’61, during the membership meeting presided over by R. Galang. They elected R. Galang ’61, First/Founding President; E. Frate ’60, L. Vargas ’61 and Cornelio Reformina ‘60, Vice-Presidents for Northern CA, Southern CA and Outside CA, respectively; Julie P. Villareal ’61, Recording Secretary; Vicky Orara Bautista ’60, Correspondence Secretary; Cesar Cunanan ’68, Treasurer; Nick Poblador ’60, Auditor; Apolo Reyes ’68, PRO and M. Olano, Adviser. (MuN Fall 1995, p.3; Sp 1996, p.1; Fall 1996, pp. 1-7)

1998: The VHSAAA’s application for exemption from Federal income tax under IRS Code 501 (c) (7) was approved on February 2, 1998 after President R. Galang, at the advice of Exempt Organization Specialist Ms. Terry Izumi, changed the initial application under IRS Code 501 (c) (3) submitted with the ratified Constitution and By-laws by Jennifer Bernardo ’61, assistant treasurer, in September 1997 since the VHSAAA did not qualify for exemption under 501 (c) (3) because it also exists for social and cultural purposes and not solely for charitable, educational and religious purposes. (MuN Sp 1998, p.1)

Growth and Development

1996-1997: After V. Bautista passed away on December 26, 1996 the national Executive Board appointed Rebecca Yumul Ciriaco ‘61 The Mulawin Newsletter editor until a new PRO was elected. R. Ciriaco reported to the National and So. CA chapter executive boards on the needs she observed during her VHS visit and attendance at the grand reunion in April 1997 such as books, reference materials and computer equipment. She proposed and the national Board approved the “Adopt a Needy Villamorian” Program to supplement the VHSAFI scholarship program. The Southern CA Chapter launched in honor of V. Bautista the “Victory Book Drive” aimed to collect new and used books for the VHS Library. (MuN Sp 1997, pp. 3 & 6)

July 17-18, 1998: Third Grand Reunion (Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA)
Attendance increased to more than 300 at the reunion planned by the committee headed by Tony Quintana ‘64. Rex Barbosa ‘70, VHSAFI founding president and chairperson, gave an update on the scholarship program which received overwhelming support. He went home with funds for 24 recipients of the “Adopt a Needy Villamorian” Program and an additional $2,240 turned over by Clarence and Julie Diramos, both Class ’61, for the VHSAFI to open the VHSAAA Scholarship Endowment Fund account at the Philippine Bank of Commerce ($1,000 from the proceeds of the fund-raising events of the San Diego reunion planning committee on July 26, 1997 and March 14, 1998 and $1,240 from the National Association and its CA chapters). The plan was to continue adding to the fund until it earned interest sufficient to fund the 12 VHSAAA scholars. Mario Casupanan ‘68 was elected president and Jesse Reyes ’64 PRO and The Mulawin Newsletter editor. (MuN Sp 1997, p.5; Sum 1997, p.1; Win 1997/98, p.1; Spring 1998, p.2; Sept 1998, pp. 1-2 & 4-5; Win 1998/99, p.2)

2001- Present: Reunions have been held almost every two years where new officers are elected: 2001, Las Vegas, NV; 2003, San Francisco, CA; 2005, Vancouver, BC Canada; 2008, Manila, Philippines; 2010, San Diego, CA; 2012, Toronto, Canada and 2014, San Francisco, CA. (MuN Fall 2000, p.1; Fall 2001, p.1)

VHSAAA Presidents:
1996 - 1998 - Dr. Rosita Gallega Galang ’61 (Founding President)
1998 - 2001 - Mario E. Casupanan ‘68
2001 - 2003 - Julie P. Villareal ‘61
2003 - 2005 - Rudy M. Robles ‘64
2005 - 2008 - Delia Bagaporo Dayco ’65
2008 - 2010 - Daniel G. Lansang ‘69
2010 - 2012 - Dr. Rosita Gallega Galang ’61 (Founding President)
2012 - 2014 - Joji M. Isla ’68
2014 - 2016 - Mel E. Casupanan ‘73 

Rudy M. Robles ‘64, Founding President

2003-to 2005: When Mr. Rudy Robles ’64 was elected President of the Villamor High School Alumni Association of America (VHSAAA) a group of Villamorians from Vancouver, BC Canada worked with him and raised money for the 2005 reunion and their projects. Their fund-raising projects were: garage sales, sales of bottles and tin cans, ticket sales for the dance and raffles.

2005 - Present: The VHSAA of Vancouver, BC Canada declared that their organization was not a chapter of the VHSAAA. 

Projects in the Past Years

1. The Dress Uniforms worn by the music student members of "Himig Kawayan" when they perform on musical competition 
2. The Musical Instruments of Himig Kawayan called "Angklongs" which they used when they competed were mostly worn out so the money we sent was used to buy or repair those instruments.
3.  The Stage with other Manila Class '64 donors (Manuel Layug, Alfredo Non, Gloria Sarrol and Ma. Corazon Nubla) for their performance and for the use of the entire VHS
4. 200 Stools made for the laboratories because the ones they had were just normal chairs and were too low for the lab desks and students could not see the teacher (Donors: Dolores Manzo (US $1000) and the association at the same amount); Rudy and Dolores were in the Philippines at that time.
5.  Library Tables for the Library renovation led by Cora Nubla '64
6. The Waiting Sheds at the Quadrangle so the students won't get wet when it rains or be under the hot sun  

2007 Projects for the Home Economics Department

1. Three table sewing machines
2. One portable sewing machine for the Home Economics high school competition
3. One set of silverware for the Home Economics class donated by Ben Dingcol
4. Porcelain set of plates for the  competition
5. Portable electric oven for the Home Economics high school competition
6. Weighing scale
7. Cake decorating tool set
8. Cabinet for keeping all of the above
9. Lunch boxes for about 4,000 students and teachers during the Foundation Day and VHS Golden Anniversary on February 15, 2008 (jointly with Class ’64)
10. 2011 Uniform Project initiated by Cora Nubla ’64 and Josie Ramos ’65 (About 400 students received free uniforms.)

VHSAAVBCC Presidents:
January - July 2003 - Rudy Robles ‘64
2003 - 2005 - Paquito Isog ’63
2005 - 2007 - Lito Gemino ‘65
2007 - 2009 - Ramon de la Costa ‘66
2009 - 2014 - Rudy Robles ‘64
2014 - 2016 - Dolores Manzo ‘60