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Special Stories from Special People: Health Advice On 11/14/06,
Liza Matias Soviak'64 < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > wrote: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(For questions, please e-mail her).

Thanks for asking. I do hope and pray it will save someone's life or health someday.


I was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I went for a mammogram last January 2005. I went through a sentinel node biopsy and lumpectomy in Feb 2005 and chemotherapy from March to August 2005 (8 treatments in all).


Side effects: lost all my hair, energy, toenails turned black, eventually fell out and grew new ones, neuropathy to this day (numb, tingling fingertips, toenails), skin turned grey, dry mouth, esophagus "dried up" that it hurt even to drink water, gastric juice (stomach) dried up,

constipation, lost energy, couldn't walk, need I say more?


Since April 2005 while undergoing chemotherapy I sought for alternative cures and read a dozen books, dozens of articles that I could lay my hands on. I tried as many suggested cures as I could because I believed that one or two would work. Tonight, I watched a video by Dr. Lorraine Day, an orthopedic surgeon who contracted advanced breast cancer, almost died and healed herself using alternative cures. She, too tried every alternative "cure" out there. What I have concluded is similar to her findings, hers is more comprehensive so I will list what I learned from her video tape.


Here are her 10 Laws for Natural Health:


1. Eat a totally vegetarian diet 3 times a day--fresh fruits, raw vegetables, whole grains in their natural state. No meat, poultry, dairy, nothing processed, canned or boxed. She advocates 75-80% raw fruits, vegetables and 13 8-ounce cups of fresh squeezed juice: 8 servings of carrot juice with apple, 1 cup orange juice, 4 cups of green leafy vegetables (with apple (juiced). Take these between meals (one serving approx every hour). Many people cannot chew on too many raw vegetables. Buy a juicer if you don't have one and juice all of your vegetables and add one apple to add a delicious flavor to it. It is easier to "drink" your vegetables.


2. Exercise daily. (I do it 3 times a week--I do yoga (stretching), kickbox aerobics & treadmill (cardiovascular) and strength or resistance training (weights). It relieves depression, increases circulation, enhances immune system, eliminates toxins, increases oxygen inside the body. Cancer and other illnesses cannot thrive in an oxygen rich body.


3. Drink water. The standard is to take 8 glasses a day. A more accurate measure is to take 1/2 your body weight in ounces. For example, for my 107 pound body weight, I should take 53.5 ounces of water or almost 7 glasses (8 ounces each) per day. The "water" can include liquids like juice or tea (not coffee). The lack of drinking water is one of the main causes of cancer growth.


4. Take in 10 minutes or more of sunlight--it lowers blood pressure, anxiety, improves body's ability to handle stress, cures ulcers, increases production of growth hormone, decreases arthritic pain.

5. Abstain or avoid drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, white and brown table sugar (processed with chemicals), white flour (bleached with chlorine), chemicals like saccharin, nutrasweet, splenda, msg, preservatives, salt (use sea salt instead). For a sweetener, use stevia, honey, or pure maple syrup instead.


6. Go outdoors and inhale fresh air daily. Indoor air is toxic.


7. Have at least 7-9 hours of sleep. For cancer and other seriously ill patients, 9 hours of sleep is required (I've been guilty of not doing this because of the poor excuse of being too busy)


8. Trust in God. Give your problems and your life to Him. It will relieve you of stress. Let go of anger, resentment, and any other negative emotion. These negative emotions will keep you from healing.


9. Have the attitude of gratitude. Be thankful of what you have.


10. Benevolence. Do something for someone who can't pay you back. There is a website called, http://www.hacres.com. The minister, Reverend George Malkmus, developed colon cancer 30 years ago. It was the size of a tennis ball and he was given a couple months to live.


He consulted withfellow ministers and followed their advice of juicing vegetables, eating fruits and drinking every hour: alternating between 8 ounces of carrot juice and 4 ounces of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of barley/alfalfa powder. It took him 18 months to totally heal from his cancer.


He was cleared from cancer and later decided to found "Hallelujah Acres" which today spreads the word of natural healing. They are headquartered in Shelby, North Carolina. I attended a women's conference there last Oct. 12-14 and the information was incredible. Today, Dr. (Rev.) Malkmus is alive and well, 72 years old and as full of energy as a 30 year old man. Even his eyesight was restored. He no longer wears glasses. After you open the website, on the left side are links. One of them is called "Recipes". If you point the mouse to it and click, you will find dozens of appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, both raw and cooked recipes. They are delicious! There is also a link to testimonies of people who wrote in about their healing. Browse through the website. It is full of information.


A person who is seriously ill (cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, etc.) should take 100% raw fruits and vegetables. Eat the fruits, juice the vegetables and add an apple to sweeten the mixture.


That person should start feeling better almost immediately, depending on the severity of his/her illness. I have finally become vegetarian, almost vegan. The only non vegetarian food I eat is yogurt which I mix with the flax seed oil.

This is another cancer treatment is from a German biochemist/scientist/doctor called Dr. Johanna Budwig who specialized in the healing power of flaxseed oil. She has cured thousands of patients using both vegetarian diet and the flax/cottage cheese mixture.


Our bodies are not made of oil, the flax oil needs to become water soluble in order for our bodies to fully absorb and fully reap its benefits. In order to do this, it needs to be mixed with a sulfur-based protein food -- dairy like cottage cheese or yogurt. I tried mixing it with cottage cheese but couldn't stand the flavor so I switched to yogurt to make my flax oil water soluble.


I also mix a liquid multivitamin and 1 heaping tablespoon of ground flax seeds into the yogurt for breakfast every morning. Chemotherapy damaged my intestinal flora and the flax oil and ground flax corrected the problem of constipation. I also take young barley grass/young alfalfa powder mixed in 1/2 cup of water and carrot juice. But I still crave for cooked food. So I succumb to 1 serving of cooked food a day. I'm still working to switch to a 100% raw food diet. This is the best way to heal from a serious illness quickly.


Most people will want to have an alternative medicine doctor (naturopath) to guide them through this. My naturopath helped me but she insisted that I eat fish. I did it occasionally but I've decided to quit eating fish after Dr. Lorraine Day pointed out that majority of our fish are caught within 50 miles of our shores which is contaminated with pollution and the toxic garbage people dump into the water. The fish eat the garbage (besides the mercury) and we eat the fish--that was enough to convince me. I think I wrote too much and don't want to bore you. All of the books I've read have advocated fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, while avoiding animal protein, saturated fats, sugar, table salt (use sea salt instead), coffee (caffeine), white flour. Carob is okay. This diet, among other factors, is responsible for the lump in my left breast to disappear into oblivion and I thank the Lord for my blessing. I hope this helps and I also encourage you do "do your homework" also.





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