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John Paul II College of Davao
(Through Sacrifices to the Stars)

John Paul II College of Davao


"Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; Do this in complete faith and confidence."     - Pope John Paul ll 

From the beautiful words of the late great pope, John Paul II College of Davao (JPIICD) find a concise yet very insightful synopsis of its humble beginnings and that of its owners. 

Moving into the unknown, newly-wed couple Ernie and Mercy Evangelista, armed only with great confidence, strong determination and deep faith in God, left family and friends in Luzon to settle in Davao. Like Abraham who left his native land to settle in an unfamiliar country, Ernie, in pursuit f his work assignment, brought his new family, embracing a life of total strangers, to what was known as the “Land of Promise.”

The Evangelista Family established the Philippine College of Innovation Education (PHILCIE) in 2000. Only one thing is known and certain for the family then: the vision to establish an educational institution- a center for academic excellence – that caters to less fortunate but deserving students of Davao City.

Unknown perhaps to many, the PHILCIE started its operations in the academic year 2000-2001 offering 12 courses.
Its first 342 enrolees were housed in semi-concreted rooms, vacated by the school that previously occupied the property before it was acquired by the Evangelista’s.

What was once an intrepid move became a fearless step. In three years time, the top management decided to build a five-story building to cater to needs of the growing problems population. With complete modern equipment and state-of-the-arc educational facilities, the new building could now readily cope with demands of the owners’ vision to be globally competitive.

Simply stepping our fearlessly was not only cup of tea of Ernie and Mercy. The couple’s profound piety coupled with there genuine fidelity to the Roman Catholic Church and their sincere adherence to the Roman Pontiff, the “Vicarious Christi”, prompted them to rename the college – upon the advice of Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla in honor of the late Pope John Paul II.

On July 29, 2004, with an ardent desire to inculcate the teachings of the Holy Father on the young people of Davao, the college president and endorsed by Archbishop Capalla requested Pope John Paul II through the Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Sodano, for a special permission to name the college after the Roman Pontiff.

More than a month later, on September 21, 2004, His Holiness Pope John Paul II granted the request to use his name “with the condition that the college must observe the moral instructions imparted by the Church Magisterium (Letter of Apostolic Nuncio).”

Like the Good Shepherd giving His flock of His enduring presence, the Holy Father also expressed his continued guidance over the college that bears his name as he requested the good archbishop of Davao “to continue an attentive pastoral supervision upon the said institution to be sure that it remains coherent with the Church’s teachings.”

“Knowing that I am with you.” Truly, these words become a reality for John Paul II College of Davao in 2004. Presently, it is the only college in the Philippines that bears that great name with special papal permission.

Inspired by the person and teachings of the great pope, confident of his continued presence and assistance, the college faces the challenges that come in the pursuit of its noble vision and mission. Convinced that “no harm can befall”, beyond what it can handle, its owners believe that sacrifices are the way to the stars. Hence, ad stra per aspera. Beside, they have these words of John Paul II to inspire them always:

“Do this in complete faith and confidence.” With total faith and confidence, the Evangelista family places the college in God’s hands, believing in the words of then Cardinal Joseph Ratziger (now Pope Benedict XVI): “He who walks in he hands of God, should he fall, he falls in the hands of God.”


Ernesto C. Evangelista Sr. (Chairman)
Mercidita B. Evangelista(Secretary & Treasurer)
Dr. Ernesto B. Evangelista Jr. (Board Member)
Dr. Maylani Evangelista – Cash (Board Member)
April B. Evangelista, MBA (Board Member)
Ernesto C. Evangelista Sr. (President)
Dr. Ernesto B. Evangelista Jr. (Vice President for Administration)
April B. Evangelista (Vice President for Finance)
ENGR. Aida M. Rosales, MA (School Director)
Carlito N. Diosa, MA (Registrar)
Nesto P. Tejero, MA (Dean, Student affairs/admission)
Nilda A. Dizon (Human Resources Supervisor)
Corazon Flores Limbaco (Accounting Supervisor)
Dulce Nono- Abrau, MAed (Guidance Counselor)
Emmanuel Rommel L. Tubal (System Administrator)
Jose Rhyz Ismael, MEP-ECE (Digital Laboratory Supervisor)


With the Pope’s blessing and permission to use his name – and even before that – come bountiful blessings and favors in a short span of time!

Major achievements come pouring in. The most recent is historic for the college.

As John Paul II kept making history during his lifetime, the college also made historythis year when its graduate, Engr. Alfredo Cahiles Gaborne, Jr., from Calinan, Davao City became the topnotcher in the Geodetic Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Geodetic Engineering in Manila last September, with an 86.80 rating. In the same exam, the college also posted a 100 percent passing rate.

In 2005, with its first batch of Geodetic Engineering graduates, the college had a 100 percent passing rate in the Licensure Examination, with one graduate, Engr. Pijie Piñero, garnering the 4th place.

The same year also marked the 100 percent passing rate in the Elementary and Secondary Education Board Examination. A year earlier, the college garnered an 80 percent passing rate in the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Blessings also come in the person of talented creative and innovative studentry. A concrete proof that students of JPIICD do not just “dig holes on the ground and bury their talents.” Students like Erick Clark Su of the College of Computing, won 1st place in the National Essay Writing Contest in 2003 and also 1st runner-up fro two consecutive years in the Teachnographics Competition held in Gaisano Atrium (2003) and in SM City-Davao (2004); John Quinneth Rodriguez was 3rd runner-up in the same competition; Joebert Togonon, another student from College of Computing, won in the Design Contest sponsored by COREL Draw Canada, held at NCCC Mall of Davao, October 2004; Gladys Braga of the same College won 2nd place in the Araw Ng Dabaw On-the-Spot Essay Writing Contest in 2000; Don Mitchie Castino, an engineering student, won 3rd place in the same contest in 2001.
John Paul II is not called “great” for shallow reason. He was indisputably the force behind the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. His considerable moral authority in promoting the ideals of unity and empathy led to the eventual breaking down of the Iron Curtain and paved the way for German reunification. One can rightly say, John Paul II is champion in promoting unity and teamwork.

Undisputable also is the unity and teamwork of JPIICD students as shown their group victories in various competetions.
The College of Engineering, with its entry entitled “Computerized Household Water Consumption and Building System,” bagged the championship title in the residential category in the 2005 Annual Inter-School Competition and Exhibits on Engineering and Technology Projects, held at NCCC Mall, Matina, Davao City. On the other hand the College of Engineering won 2nd place in the 2nd Automation and Robotics Competition held at SM City last February 2004.


 “Bonum sui difusivum est” (the good is diffusive in itself). If charity begins at home, and home is John Paul II College of Davao, it is just right that such charity must extended to its surroundings.
 Not only in the academe that the institution gives great concern. It is also equally motivated to develop a well rounded personality of its student in its involvement some civic and community outreach programs. Through the years, the mission of the College in extending service to its neighbouring communities is made manifest in the cooperation the school has entered into with some non-government agencies and other institutions promoting environmental awareness and protection.
 The institution also provides scholarship assistance to children of deceased officers and personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in accordance with the agreement between the College and AFP in the program called “Educational Benefit System”.
 With great interest and in complete consonance with the spirit of its namesake, the College also devotes importance to the vision of the late Pope in promoting a peaceful environment between Muslim and Christian communities in its area.
 Lastly, in their spirit of cooperation with other educational institutions, the College is also a member of different academic organizations in the country. It is accredited in CISCO Networking Academy, which offers an edge to students having plans in working overseas.
 As the late Pope John Paul II has been – in the words of Cardinal Ratzinger in his homily during the funeral of the great pope – “a precious gift of God to the Catholic Church”, so is John Paul II College of Davao – in the vision of its owners – “ a center for academic excellence”, an expression of their love for the Pope, the Church , the God and His people.  

Engr. Joselito B. Lim, Jr. MEP-EE (Dean of Engineering)
Roberto T. Diamante Ed.D (Dean, Teacher’s Education)
Owen Pilongo CS MSIT (CAR)(Dean, College of Computing)
Roderick Casing (Dean, College of Business Administration)
Emmanuel Sagaral RN, MBA, Ma-Ed (Nursing Consultant)
Emmalyn Santiesteban RN,MAN (Dean, College of Nursing)

Present Times

In his 2003 Lenten Message meditating on the phrase “It is more blessed to give that to receive” (Acts 20:35), Pope John Paul II observe that “our age, regrettably, is particular susceptible to the temptation toward selfishness which always lurks within the human heart.”

Appealing to believers and to all people of good will, the Pope then reaffirmed a principal which is “selfevident yet often ignored: our goal should not be the benefit of a privileged few, but rather the improvement of the living conditions of all.”

“It is more blessed to give that to receive,” he said. “When believers respond to the inner impulse to give themselves to others without expecting anything in return, they experience a profound interior satisfaction,” he added.

That “It is more blessed to give than to receive” become flesh and bone in the life of the Evangelista family. Experiencing a profound interior satisfaction in giving themselves to others without expecting something in return, they decided to set their goal just for the benefits of a privileged few, but rather the improvement of the living conditions of all.  Thus, the John Paul II College of Davao!

Providing quality education, an act of love

This year, to respond to its growing clientele, the owners decided to construct a seven-story building. The building will boast of its 98 classrooms, offices, laboratories and other educational facilities. 

During its groundbreaking ceremony last September 28, the feast of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, College President Ernie Evangelista remarked, “This groundbreaking ceremony symbolizes not only the strength of our school but also the vision of the owners- our family- that we would like to make this institution a center for academic excellence.

Archbishop Capalla, of the Archdiocese of Davao, who presided over the Holy Eucharist prior to the groundbreaking rites which he led, set the spiritual tone of the said activity. In his homily, the archbishop, focusing on Christian charity, cited the example of St. Lorenzo Ruiz ‘s martyrdom as the highest expression of love of Christ.

“In this groundbreaking ceremony. The member of the administration and the Evangelista family want to give you quality education. Giving quality education id one way of showing authentic love of neighbour,” the archbishop said.

Once more, the late Pope’s teachings echoed on the four corners of the college:

“The love of God poured into our hearts ought to inspire and transform who we are and what we do. Christians must not think that they can seek the true good of their brothers and sisters without embodying the charity of Christ. Even in those cases where they might succeed in improving important aspects of social or political life, without charity every change would remain short-lived. The possibility of giving oneself to others is itself a gift which comes from the grace of God. As Saint Paul teaches: <<God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure>>(Phil 2:31).” (2003 Lenten Message)

Charity Begins at Home

JPIICD is home to more than 1,500 students enrolled this year, a notable increase in just seven years.

The college is strategically situated in the heart of the city- the booming Ecoland Drive, Matina, Davao City, just a few minutes away from the important establishments.

More than 50 percent of the college population comes from the city of Davao. The rest is from the provinces of Davao Oriental, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur and other regions. A noticeable increase in the enrolees of Muslim students could easily remind one of the late Pope’s passion for inter-religious encounters.

Presently, the college is composed of five different departments, which include: the College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Computing, College of Nursing and College of Engineering. It boasts of its 90 personnel – 40 clinical instructors and 35 faculty members – 90 percent of which are full- fledged Master and Doctorate degree holders.

Its flagship courses are BS in Nursing, BS in Information Technology and BS in Geodetic Engineering. The College of Nursing is fortunate enough to have as its base hospital the prestigious Davao Medical Center (DMC) with a category A classification and one of the trusted hospitals in Davao City known for its teams of specialists and state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Indeed, charity begins at home. For very shortly, the college, in its desire to augment quality education and to provide its studentry ample opportunity to learn non scholae sed vitae (not just for school but for life), will soon offer ladderized courses, specially in the first semester of school year 2008-2009.

Moreover, the institution will commence a weekend program for its flagship courses to accommodate interested students who are now presently employed. Finally, to cater to the felt needs of the region, the school is finalizing its plan of offering education in the elementary and secondary levels and of opening more new courses in the College of Business Administration.     



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