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By:  Dr.  Marcelino Bautista, Phd
VHSAFI President

12 VHSAFI Board members gathered for one of the last 2 remaining meetings programmed by the outgoing administration of VHSAFI.

At 9:15am, an invocation united the attendees in prayer after which the President, Marc Bautista declared the meeting open.

New resolutions geared towards the effectiveness of the performance of the Board and individual members were approved and ratified which are the ff:


1.  Attendance:  
 ? Officers sworn in to their respective duties who incur consecutive non-excused absences from regular meetings shall be given the ff. caveat:
   ?2 absences an oral recall to comply his/her obligations  
   ?3 absences, a written memo
The above measure was underlined and made present to ensure that elected officers are on top of their personal effectiveness.

2. Direct Donations via Principal/school by an individual or Class:
? Renewal of MOU with the School Principal regarding alumni donations or projects to VHS.  The school is requested to inform VHSAFI in regard to any kind of donations (donate cash or items to) the School, whether by an individual alumnus or by a Batch. VHSAFI maintains a record of donations for proper monitoring and maintenance which is an excellent service to the donor/s.

This measure is also to ensure thar donation/s are put into good use and are properly maintained.

3.  VHSAFI Officers Report:
?  Each officer will be required to submit a semestral report that summarizes how their assigned tasks were performed. This will allow the VHSAFI Officers and Trustees to have focus and freely conduct their duties throughout the year, and to update other officers of the progress of their tasks.
?    In addition it was also agreed that Chairmanship of a working committee must not be relagated alone to thebelected members but also to extend to Batch official reps,  provided they have expertise in fields assigned and subject tonthe Board's nod. It is given, however, that said Batch Reps do not have voting rights as the Officers andnTrustees of VHSAFI.

All the above resolutions were approved and ratified.

B. BINGO Fundraising Activity Update:
The Treasurer, supposed to handle the report, again was not present for matters beyond her control.
Grace Garcia being the appointed assistant took the cudgels. And thus declared the ff:
   ?Bingo tickets sales aren't moving vastly as expected. To date 498 tickets were outed and less than half are paid. But everyone was given  up to March 14 to sell all tickets in their possession and return them on March 14. Unreturned Bingo tickets on the 14th will be considered sold and the reps holding on to the remnants will be held responsible for payment.
  ?The agreement entered into by VHSAFI and Bingo Bonanza expressed in their signed MOU states that VHSAFI is free from any liens on tickets printing, venue, and advertisements. Its sole responsibility is to sell Bingo tickets worth 200 each good for 10 Bingo games scheduled for March 15 in any Bingo Bonanza venues found in any SM Mall in Manila. If VHSAFI succeeds to sell 1.000 or more tickets, the Board gets 50% of the proceeds. 750 to 999 = 30%; 500 to 749=20% ; 300 to 499 = 10%. Sales below 300 tickets the Board gets nothing.

The good news is that at least our sales graduate us to 10% sharing. We hope we can sell more. Many alumni pledged that should any of them win, they will donate their bounty to VHSAFI to cover the 80k deficit incurred during the recent Annual Reunion.

It was exhorted that the Treasurer submits immediately a printed report and the VHSAFI auditor admonished that a glimpse on the final FS report is a must, the turnover being imminent.

2014 Souvenir Program Update:
In as much as some important and, dare we say, essential messages for the 2014 Grand Alumni Souvenir Program came in late and did not make the deadline, the printing and coming out of the said magazine also were delayed.
To date, we can still accept additional advertisement for the magazine for up to March 15 as this is the earliest our chosen printer can accomodate us. We expect the magazine to come out 1 week after.
And by the way:
We still have 5 pages available for your advertisements at this costs:
   ? 1 full colored page @ P5,000.00
   ? 1/2 colored page @ P2, 500.00

Educom Report was done by Amy dela Cruz on behalf of Amy Nerecina, the latter being out of town.

?    The number of Scholars nears the 100 mark and 10 new sponsors adhered to Educom's cause this year.
?    Many projects are lined up like Student seminar, parenting seminar, celebration of the 'scholars' birthdays and tutorials.

D. Other Matters:
?    Austerity measures such as the use of electricity during meetings, 'passing the hat' for merienda expenses, etc.

To start with, the current VHSAFI Auditor agreed to treat everyone for lunch as her birthday treat. She turns ???? On March 11.

At this point, after thanking the Summum Bonum for the fruitful meeting and setting the next Board Special Meeting on March14, the President adjourned the session at 12 noon and the group "hurriedly" proceeded to a designated restaurant in Plaza Calderon for a hearty "free" lunch together, courtesy of the birthday celebrant.

At John Paul II College of Davao
God winks!

Albert Einstein once said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”.

The unveiling and the blessing of the life-sized brass statue of Blessed Pope John Paul II – the first in the Philippines – last March 10, 2014, at the John Paul II College of Davao campus, Ecoland, this city, was – for me – a festive, yet very solemn celebration.

After the blessing of the image, headed by Archbishop-Emeritus Fernando R. Capalla, the actual Archbishop of Davao Romulo G. Valles presided the Holy Eucharist. Concelebrating were the Archbishop-Emeritus, the Auxiliary Bishop George Rimando, Msgr. Paul Cuison (Diocesan Economus), Msgr. Jaime Gamboa (Chancellor) and 18 other diocesan priests, including myself.

In his homily, Archbishop Valles praised the initiative of the Evangelista family, not only of putting up a school named after the great pope, but also of spearheading a series of activities in school and in the archdiocese which aim to make the pope known, loved and emulated.

After the Holy Communion in which a number of concelebrating priests helped, myself included, the Master of Ceremony asked me to bring the ciborium1 that still contained the Body of Christ to the chapel for purification. This was to save time.

So I brought the remaining Body of Christ in a ciborium, together with some empty ciboria, to the chapel, placed them on the altar covered with cloth and corporal, and I started to purify each vessel. After the purification, I left one ciborium with the Body of Christ on it. I placed it at the center of the altar and covered it with a corporal. I also placed a lighted candle beside it as a sign that the Lord is present there. Then, I left the chapel and headed towards the quadrangle where the Mass was about to end.

1 A ciborium (plural ciboria; Latin from the Ancient Greek ???????? (kib?rion).) is a vessel, normally in metal. It was originally a particular shape of drinking cup in Ancient Greece and Rome, but later used to refer to a large covered cup designed to hold hosts for, and after, the Eucharist.

After the final blessing, all of us, the presider and the concelebrants, headed towards the office of the vice-president. But we were asked to come back to the altar for a picture-taking.

Unknown to me at that time, some friends of mine, the couple, Jun and Marlene Bernardo, and a nun, visited the chapel with Fr. Junar dela Victoria as their guide. Marlene recounted later that as soon as she entered the chapel, she was attracted by the beautiful retablo. So impressed, yet aware that the Lord is on the altar (because of the candlelight), she discreetly took a picture. Here is her account:

“Yesterday was the unveiling of the new statue of Blessed John Paul at John Paul School, right after the mass we were invited by Fr. Junar to visit the chapel, the Blessed Sacrament was also brought there and placed on top center of the altar table, I was amazed by the beauty of the chapel so I took some pictures, to my surprise, upon browsing my pics taken, I had this pic with a ray of light directing towards the blessed sacrament”.

Marlene is referring to this picture:

One could rightly explain the phenomenon by alleging that a focus light bulb could have caused such ray of light. But Marlene emphasized that no such streak was ever present when she was aiming her gadget. Besides, we don’t normally aim our cameras against the light, unless we have valid reasons for doing so. She said:

“A very nice shot of a ray of light going to the blessed sacrament in John Paul II School Chapel....just used my iphone in taking this pic, and the effect of the light (not a spotlight) was amazing, a ray of light directing towards the blessed sacrament, reminding us of God's presence there”.

What is also so amazing in this phenomenon is that people immediately associate it with God’s action. Marlene herself noted that it is “reminding us of God’s presence there” (in the chapel of John Paul II College of Davao). Normie Gamalinda, Marlene’s friend in Facebook, even commented: “Oh my! You are so blessed! God allowed you to witness this ray of light coming from heaven”.

Ernie Evangelista, the school president, filled with astonishment upon seeing this photo, interpreted it as a sign of God’s favor. “It is as if Blessed Pope John Paul II is giving us a nod, and that he approves of the celebrations we are doing in his honor”.

The said blessing and mass, together with other activities like the JPII Quiz, the symposium, the campus exhibit of the life and ministry of the pope, the focus group discussion, among others, highlight the 100 days of preparation for the canonization of this most beloved pontiff on April 27, 2014.

This incident may just be one of the many normal phenomena that are explicable by common sense. But there’s an element in it that escapes our rationalization: coincidence. It may just be a simple coincidence. But as Einstein once noted: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”.

For many, this may simply be a well-taken photography, capable of winning a prize in a photo contest. But to those who believe, like myself, that coincidence is God’s ordinary way of saying that we are special to Him, this picture tells us that God winks!



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