Welcome to the website of Villamor High School, a public school, an enduring beacon of knowledge on Pasig Line Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines. For over half a century, it has been educating, inspiring and caring for the youth in the community. Of its almost a quarter of a million alumni, many are accomplished and established in their calling in the home or business in the Philippines and around the world.

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Proud Villamorians of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

My Dear Fellow Villamorians!

Welcome to the Villamor website.

This website is under revision, we’re on the process of working on this website. Thanks for your patience .

Mrs Maria Christina Guerrero Fermin, VHS IT Teacher
Website Administrator


Financial Statement (Cash Position as of December 31, 2012)
I. General Fund: Peso
A. Current Account (2013 Reunion Funds)
Beginning balance, 12-01-12 99,100
Reunion tickets (114) 74,100
Souvenir program ads 25,000
Add: Ticket payments (354) 230,150
Less: Payments 114,271.50
Entertainment band -- deposit 15,000.00
Full paymnet for venue 79,271.50
Refundable security deposit for venue 20,000.00
Belance, December 31, 2012 214,978.50
B. Savings Account (Operating Funds)
Beginning balance, 12-01-12 18,823.34
Add: Bank interest (net) 16.73
Less: Petty Cash expenses 2,150.25
Supplies/photocopy 400.25
Meals for meetings 750
Donation: Compassionate case 1,000.00
Balance, December 31, 2012 16,689.82
II. Education Fund
Beginning balance, 12-01-12 138,468.01
Add: Donations 3,150.00
For educational grant 2,000.00
Workshop/Christmas party 1,150.00
Bank interest (net) 84.63
Total Receipts…………………………………………………………… 3,234.63
Funds Available 141,702.64
Less: Payments 47,955.50
December allowance 31,200.00
Workshop/Christmas party expenses 16,755.50
Meals served 14,755.50
Electricity: paid to VHS 2,000.00
Balance, December 31, 2012 93,747.14
III. Dollar Savings Account
Beginning balance, 12-01-12 515.87
Add: Bank interest (net) 0.32
Balance, December 31, 2012 $516.19

Fellow Villamorians!


Before I introduce our new VHSAAA Board of 2012-2014, I would like first to thank the 2010-2012 VHSAAA Board for a successful reunion in Toronto, Canada; special mention to the organizers- I cannot thank the Toronto Team enough for going out of their way in making sure that everyone had a memorable time in Toronto. I would like to thank also all Villamorians who contributed in one way or another and whose presence made this reunion a success.

Below is the official report (please scroll down) of Immediate Past President Dr. Rosita Gallega Galang.

Now here are our newly elected VHSAAA officers for 2012-2014

President - Joji Isla '68

Vice Presidents -

Northern California - Fe Hocson Mangoba '63

Southern California - Julie Villareal '61

Outside California - Lydia Antolin Tuazon '61

Canada - Ramon de la Costa '66

Recording Secretary - Cecilia Baldevarona Uyan '68

Corresponding Secretary - Zenaida Mojica McClintock '68

Treasurer - Teresita Estanislao Lozano '67

Auditor - Evelyn Dulce del Villar '68

PRO - Carlos Unas '66

It was also unanimously voted to have a CRUISE for the 2014 VHSAAA reunion.Ligaya Kirkland and Zennie McClintock are to research cruise venues and will post information later.

Looking forward to the 2014 reunion, “It is FUN cruising with Villamorians!“

Joji Isla’68,

VHSAAA 2012-14 President

VHSAAA Projects and Activities, 2010-2012:

An End of Term Report

Rosita Gallega Galang ’61, Past President

Like many organizations, the VHSAAA has encountered numerous challenges including, but not limited to, the following:

• Making the Constitution and By-Laws responsive to the changing needs of the Association and abiding by its principles,

• Raising funds for the educational grants program and other projects that benefit VHS and its students,

• Promoting camaraderie and open communication between and among alumni,

• Invigorating and inspiring alumni participation in reunions and other Association activities, and

• Addressing issues and problems that may arise.

Using transparency and respect for each other as guiding principles, the Executive Board faced the above challenges with the cooperation and support of fellow alumni. Based on the enthusiasm and comradeship demonstrated at the very successful VHSAAA 9th Grand Reunion onOctober 5-10, 2012 in Toronto, Canada, there is no doubt that VHSAAA is very much alive. The Executive Board is pleased to report on the projects pursued during the last two years in line with the mission and goals of the Association:

Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

After attempts to amend the document in (a) 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, (b) 2007 in Glendale, CA, and (c) 2010 in San Diego, CA, the Constitution and By-Laws Committee headed by Atty. Maryla Coloma Dino finally proposed amendments which were approved unanimously by the general membership according to stipulated procedures at their meeting on October 6, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. The amended document will be posted on the VHS website and Facebook for information and immediate implementation.

Educational Grants Program

12 scholarships funded by alumni donations and the general funds of the association and 13 grants-in aid (Adopt a Villamorian grants) funded by donations from alumni sponsors were awarded to academically qualified, needy, and deserving students during the past two years (25 awards each year).

To implement the program effectively, the Scholarship Committee (now the Educational Grants Committee) Chair Julie Cruz Diramos ’61, Vice-President for So. CA Clarence Diramos ‘61, and the President met with their VHSAFI counterparts in February 2011 at the VHS Alumni Office (a) to review the VHSAFI Scholarship Primer, (b) discuss mutual concerns including transparency of implementation and selection criteria, and(c) clarify basic procedures which were shared with VHSAFI President Gil Carolino and Education Committee for 2012-2013.

The Educational Grants Committee, in collaboration with the Executive Board, launched a campaign at the 2012 reunion in Toronto, Canada to increase alumni donations to a level needed to support at least the target number of recipients for the next two years. The campaign included the (a) dissemination of information about the program through the President’s article in the souvenir program and other media, (b) distribution of flyers and donation envelopes, (c) appeal to alumni, and (d) recognition of donors during the 2012 reunion in Toronto, Canada. This effort can be continued and expanded so that VHSAAA can help more deserving and needy students.

Open Communication and Increased Transparency

To promote open communication and increased transparency, the VHSAAA sought the assistance of Becky Ventura Wilder ‘65, VHS website administrator, Joji Isla ‘68, Facebook account coordinator, and Jesse Reyes ‘64, PRO, to locate, welcome, and update alumni on news and other developments of interest to VHS, VHSAAA, and VHSAFI and encouraged them to support and participate in activities and projects that benefit our Alma Mater.

Uniform Project

Funded by donations from alumni in Canada, the Philippines, and the United States, free uniforms were distributed to nearly one thousand students on June 18, 2012 at Villamor High School.

Support for the VHSAFI Parenting Seminar

The VHSAAA supplemented the donations of Clarence and Julie Diramos to help finance the allowances of participants of the seminar sponsored by the VHSAFI for the parents of the VHSAAA scholars and Adopt a Villamorian grantees.

Follow-up of the Scholarship Endowment Fund

Upon receipt from Atty. Bong Cabatit through Zennie Mojica McClintock ‘68, Recording Secretary, a copy of the Notice of Decision issued by the Regional Trial Court, National Capital Region, Branch 55, Manila at their meeting on December 17, 2011 in San Diego, CA the Executive Board asked the President to look into the status of the Scholarship Endowment Fund. Complying with the request, the President immediately traced its development from its initiation in 1998 up to the present by searching for and examining relevant documents and interviewing personally and/or emailing everyone in the VHSAAA and VHSAFI concerned with or had information to share on the matter. The result was the document “VHSAAA Scholarship Endowment Fund: Background and Current Status.” This could guide the VHSAAA and VHSAFI in reviewing the plausibility of the project and planning the next steps that will assure the use of the fund for the purpose it was intended according to mutually agreed upon procedures.

2012-14 Officers Induction

VHSAAA Executive Board and Members’ Meetings

October 16, 2010 and July 14, 2012, Mangoba Residence, Vallejo, CA

Meetings are open to all VHSAAA members.



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