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During the election held on March 2, 2013, the following nine (9) Class Representatives were elected to join the six (6) Class Representatives of the next celebrating Classes whose automatic inclusion as Board Trustees has been affirmed by the 26 Class Representatives present (out of 31 active Classes from 1960 -1990):

Amelia V. Nerecina 1963

Marcelino S. Bautista 1967

Amor Sande 1968

Aurora Garcia 1972

Ruben Manaog 1973

Lucilo de Guzman 1977

Elizabeth Sotto 1978

Eduardo Ballaran 1983

Jocelyn Navarro 1985

The automatic members of the Board of Trustees are:

Magdalena Gonzalez 1964 Gold 50 Y

Crisanta Ignacio 1969 Sapphire 45

(To be named by new Board) 1974 Ruby 40

Vic Tolentino 1979 Emerald 35

Amalia de la Cruz 1984 Pearl 30

Eliseo Ganotice 1989 Ruby 25

Subsequently, the new Board Trustees nominated from among themselves the positions they would assume, and the following were elected officers:

President Marcelino S. Bautista

Vice-President Amelia V. Nerecina

Secretary Jocelyn Navarro

Treasurer Amor Sande

Auditor Amalia de la Cruz

The official turnover to the incoming Board of Trustees and officers will be on April 6, 2013.

M. Bautista, A. Nerecina, J. Navarro, M. Gonzalez and A. Garcia are members of the previous Board.


The Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. salutes Class 63 for making good their commitment as Gold Honoree last February 9, 2013 Grand Reunion and Homecoming, to contribute a meaningful sum of money to the Foundation -- in loud and clear support to the latter’s education program.

In simple ceremony held on March 23, amid cheers from highly supportive Classmates, Class 63 President Roberto Diaz de Rivera handed to VHSAFI (outgoing) President Gilberto M. Carolino the fat cheque amounting to ONE-HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P100,000.00).

Also present during the presentation of the cheque donation was VHSAFI Treasurer Gracia Garcia and members of the Class 63 Executive Committee, namely:

Roberto Diaz de Rivera

Jovencio Cuapiaco

Artemio Norona

Amelia Vasquez-Nerecina

Dr. Perry de la Cruz

Angie Villegas-Roberto

Carlos Felicerta

Connie Davac-Lei

As expected, the moving spirit of Class '63, Ernesto Evangelista, was there to witness the momentous occasion, where it was also announced that the Class has established a Medical and Funeral Assistance Fund for their colleagues who have ‘less in life.’



Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc.

Update: Christmas Season 2012 and New Year 2013 thru the Reunion

Workshop on Self-Awareness

For the first time, the Philippines and VHSAAA-sponsored grantees sat down together for a one-day workshop which focused on group dynamics to better understand and appreciate each individual’s character and attitude towards his/her family members, classmates and friends, school administration, and people, in general.

All the student-grantees freely participated in the discussion which was moderated by Trainors/Facilitators, wife and husband team Amy Vasquez-Nerecina (Batch 63, VHSAFI Vice-Chair, Education Committee) and Ben.

The workshop was also conducted to show the Foundation’s support to the new Principal Dolores H. Torcuator who just took over the school’s administration in December 2012.

VHSAFI Education Committee Christmas Party

Right after the Workshop, the grantees were treated to a Christmas party where each of the groups in the Workshop rendered a special musical number. The 2-hour program was memorable and it pictured the excitement of the students who went home with individual packs of Johnson and Johnson, Philippines products –e.g. soap, lotion, oil, cologne, powder, napkin—and prizes won in the games.

Board Trustee Au Garcia, B72, took care of the ‘Lutong-bahay’ mealpacks.

Pre-Grand Reunion Month

Preparations for the February 9 Event were at fever pitch at the onset of New Year. Weekly meetings were held to ensure that the various Committees were on top of their assigned tasks.

Based on recorded sales of 80% of the venue capacity of 1,148 seats, it was very clear that the celebration would be a huge success. Nevertheless, the Foundation together with the Organizing Committee of the six (6) celebrating batches chaired by Gold celebrant Batch 63 President Roberto Diaz de Rivera, had to be prepared even for problems of success like, among others, proper allocation of tables and seats, long queues at buffet counters, crowding at entrance gate, ticket control and food shortage in case of ticket oversale.

The preparation for the Event could have been much easier and gratifying had the Foundation had the roster of each batch, especially the attendance of 2012 reunion where data on telephone numbers and email addresses are most current. This did not, however, deter all concerned in going full blast in disseminating information about the Event to as many alumni and groups as possible.

Fun-Bowling Tournament: Prelude to the Big Event

To drum up some more the already-heightened excitement of the Event, the Organizing Committee held a very successful and enjoyable bowling tournament, participated by various batch teams, at the Mall of Asia bowling lane last February 2 – or a week before the Event.

The teams came in with their ‘signature’ uniforms, and there were a galore of cash prizes and trophies given to the winners and champion of the tournament. Please refer to the attached report of the Tournament Director Roberto Diaz de Rivera.

The Event: “An Affair to Remember”

Despite not letting any stone unturned in preparing for the Event, everybody was totally aware that there could never be a perfect execution of the plans for the grand celebration. There were some minor kinks but the Foundation and the Organizing Committee composed of members of the celebrating batches B63 (Gold), B68 (Sapphire), B73 (Ruby), B78 (Emerald), B83 (Pearl) and B88 (Silver) take pride in having achieved the following:

Record sales: Total sales of tickets reached 1,184 which even surpassed the maximum venue capacity of 1,148.

Record income: For generating revenue sales of P769,450.00, the Event realized a net income of P129,943.79. Hence, for the first time, the Membership Dues Income of P118,400.00 from the sale of tickets has been secured intact.

After deducting the Membership Income, there is still a net income of P11,543.79 which is expected to even go up to P33,163.29 once refund of VAT amounting to P21,619.50 from SMX is received –- subject to submission by VHSAFI of the Non-VAT Certificate from BIR which is still being processed by BIR todate.

2013 Grand Reunion and Homecoming
Income Statement
Gross Revenue from sale of 1,184 tickets @ P650.00 769,600.00
Overpayment of (2) tickets @ P50.00 100.00
Refund (late; no food left) -- (2) @ P300.00 (600.00)
Net deduction 500.00
Net Revenue ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 769,100.00
Less: Expenses 639,156.21
Venue cost (SMX) 204,022.21
Catering (TJIOE): P300.00 x 1,030 meals ordered 310,500.00
Entertainment (MOBB + 1 B72 singer) 36,000.00
Major cash raffle prizes 38,000.00
Venue décor 21,800.00
Ticket printing cost 9,300.00
VHS Foundation Day (February 8) donation 5,000.00
Other printing and supplies 7,413.00
Transportation 2,955.00
Miscellaneous expenses 4,166.00
Gross income including Membership Dues 129,943.79
Less: Membership Dues -- 1,183 @ P100.00 118,400.00
NET INCOME 11,543.79
Notes: 1. Venue cost includes VAT of P21,619.50 which may be refunded
upon submission of Non-VAT Certificate from BIR.
If refunded, net income will increase to P32,613.29. If refunded, net income will increase to P33,163.29.
2. Caterer provided more than the standard 10% allowance
over meals ordered of 1,030.
3. Major raffle cash prizes were:
First P20,000.00
2nd 16,000.00
3rd 2,000.00

Record Guests Attendance: Besides the Principal Dolores H. Torcuator and her nine (9) department heads and staff, as many as 44 teachers (active and retired) came to grace the occasion. Their presence added importance and glamour to the Event.

They were there, too: VHSAA America and Canada were very well represented. There were many who crossed the seas, to some, solely for the purpose of BEING THERE, and while it would be difficult to name them all, Jojie Isla might not have been there, but VHSAAA was aptly represented by Fe Hocson-Mangoba, VP for Northern California.

Rudy Robles, President VHSAA Canada, himself was there. So were Tony Quintana, Aleth Jordan, Nenette Quiambao-West, Alde Garcia-Pelimiano, Flor De Liz Coloma-Pichay. They were one in echoing it was a memorable homecoming for all of them.

Not to be left out is Rebecca V. Wilder. We are very thankful to her for being an important instrument in calling and updating the alumni body thru the VHS website, everything about the Event.

Computer Technology: With an expected huge attendance of more than 1,000, Batch 63 thru top honcho Ernesto Evangelista and Carlos Felicerta, designed a program to ensure the smooth flow at the entrance gate, and that only holders of paid ticket are allowed to enter the venue hall. What an accomplishment! Everyone got in without ado, and the Foundation has zero receivables from those who attended.

The Program: With almost all the seats taken, the program started 10 minutes ahead of time at 5:50pm!

As it was the moment of truth for the celebrating batches, they were the only ones who marched, and on the red carpet purposedly rolled out for them. They came in droves, again, unprecedented in huge numbers as follows:

Gold 50 years Batch 63 92 alumni

Sapphire 45 Batch 68 37

Ruby 40 Batch 73 84

Emerald 35 Batch 78 43

Pearl 30 Batch 83 70

Silver 25 Batch 88 120

It was a smash as they trooped in with popular music of their times played loudly in the background.

Meaningful parts of the short program included the Tribute to the Teachers where each teacher was given a Plaque of Appreciation by Silver jubilarian Batch 88, and a report on the Education Program where support over the years by the donors --- individuals and groups --- was duly acknowledged one by one by Amelia Vasquez-Nerecina, B63, VHSAFI Vice Chair-Education Committee.

Showtime: The celebrating batches rendered several dance numbers. Wearing native costumes baro’t saya for the ladies, and kamisa’t tsino for the men, they gracefully performed the welcome dance “Bati.”

And, pandemonium broke loose when a bevy of beautiful ladies – (where did they tuck in those years??) – entered amid the hootings and lustful cheers from the audience. Dressed in exotic Spanish costumes (according to unimpeachable source, the costume costs P2,000.00 which each did not mind spending just to regale and bring cheers to the crowd), Batch 83 Pearlies did the very exciting, bust-swirling conga. Batch 88 Silveries, in cocktail dresses, did the back-breaking, hip-swinging mambo.

The grand celebration was capped with everybody enjoying the live entertainment music provided by the MOBB band, and special presentation number by Batch 72’s own Ray Charles, alumnus Ramon Elorta whose eye disease has made him totally blind now. Ramon may not be black but his voice does not pale in comparison with that of his idol Ray Charles.

The MOBB rendered popular hit songs from the 60s which made the dance floor too small. The highly energized and temperature-rising crowd deprived of floor space, danced in their own nooks and corners as some cheered their colleagues who ‘climbed’ on top of the tables to give their all.

And, who would be able to control the excitement and ones emotion if you were the ones who won the major raffle cash prizes of P20,000.00, P16,000.00 and P2,000.00 – another First in the history of VHS Grand Alumni Reunion and Homecoming!

The night was a blast. It was a smash. The Event was truly “An Affair to Remember.”

The Souvenir Program: The preparations and the activities leading to the Event and the highlights of the Event have been captured and will be featured in the Souvenir Program to be released by the Organizing Committee this coming May. Driven by their passion to contribute financially to the Foundation’s plans and programs, the celebrating batches are donating proceeds from its publication.

Post- Grand Reunion Activities

Election for the new Board of Directors and Officers of VHSAFI: On March 2, at the Villamor High School Conference Room, 15 new members of the Board of Trustees will be elected from among the active Batch Coordinators. They are those who attended the last February 9 Grand Reunion whose annual membership due of P100,00 is included in the cost of the ticket of P650.00.

The 15 new Board of Trustees will subsequently elect from among themselves the five (5) officers, namely: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

We still have a month to go, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your unconditional and untiring support to the Foundation. We are forever grateful:

President Gilberto M. Carolino B62

Vice-President Jaime I. Co, Jr. B88

Secretary Milagros O. Guerrero B70

Treasurer Gracia E. Garcia B66

Auditor Amelia Vasquez-Nerecina B63

Board of Trustees Marcelino S. Bautista B67 (Chair-Educom)

Magdalena Gonzalez B64

Juliet Estillore B68

Aurora A. Garcia B72

Fe S. Barcelo B73

Phoebe F. Robedillo B80

Jocelyn G. Navarro B85

Loida M. Cortabista B86

Miriam N. Gonzalez B87

Meynard A. Bernardez B89

VHS Toronto Chapter Donation: Thru their representative Aleth Jordan (B67), and after meeting with the Principal Dolores H. Torcuator last February 26 where they made a tour of the classroom facilities, Ms. Jordan committed to donate/replace the existing blackboards.

Ms. Jordan was accompanied by her batchmates Corazon Pangcog, Fernando de la Rosa and Bersamina Ymson.

Batch 67 Donations: On top of the commitment of VHS Toronto Chapter, on her own, Ms. Pangcog will donate a whiteboard with coasters to be used as Teacher’s Notices Board.

Also, thru their batchmate and Chairman of VHSAFI Education Committee, Dr. Marcelino Bautista, the following commited to write cheque in the amount of P5,000.00 for the annual allowance/baon of each student grantee:

Corazon Pangcog (2) students

Aleth Jordan (1)

Bersamina Ymson (1)




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