Welcome to the website of Villamor High School, a public school, an enduring beacon of knowledge on Pasig Line Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines. For over half a century, it has been educating, inspiring and caring for the youth in the community. Of its almost a quarter of a million alumni, many are accomplished and established in their calling in the home or business in the Philippines and around the world.

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Proud Villamorians of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

My Dear Fellow Villamorians!

Welcome to the Villamor website.

This website is under revision, we’re on the process of working on this website. Thanks for your patience .

Mrs Maria Christina Guerrero Fermin, VHS IT Teacher
Website Administrator

2013-14 VHSAFI President Dr. Marcelino S. Bautista, PhD

Dear fellow Villamorians,

Greetings of PEACE!

It is with a deep sense of humility that I am delivering a written message to commence officially our operations as the new President of the Villamor High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. (VHSAFI) for the year 2013-2014.

Ever cautious not to commit the slightest solecism as I value and hold in high esteem each and every person who altruistically dedicate time, talent and money out of love for the Alma Mater, we ,and I the Executive Officers and Trustees of the Organization, declare the resolve to espouse the spirit of selfless, transparent and accountable service to VHSAFI, as exemplified and stamped tangibly by the previous administration in all its operations.

Running an effective Alumni Organization is never an easy task because it takes, not only a serious commitment of time, energy, concentration and “mazuma” from the elected Officers and Trustees, but also a large amount of patience and profound humility in order to bring into fruition projects and services meant for VHS Alumni and the beloved Alma Mater. And here, everyone labors “gratis et amore”, purely a voluntary but organized group.

We are convinced that our task, however daunting, will seem lighter if we work in harmony , together as ONE. At all cost we will respect diversity but will LIVE for unity. Projects will be borne out of a well crafted plan, with well defined goals aligned to the Vision/Mission of VHSAFI and shall be implemented in an organized fashion.

It may be too many to enumerate and delineate specific programs we want to pursue to support and give credence to the road paved by our predecessors but let this manifesto of our troth to VHSAFI’s vision and mission. Salvo the imponderable, we shall carry, in unity, the torch handed to us by immediate Past President Gil Carolino and his team, who “signed” a quittance handing to us a very financially healthy VHSAFI.

Now speaking as your duly elected President of the Alumni, I appeal to your magnanimous hearts to support and help us, any which way you can, materially or spiritually, so that we may bear fruits that our Alma Mater and each one of us directly or indirectly need and desire.

We may not share common interests, or common purpose, as we come from different backgrounds; but we share a common experience of having spent time or finished High School in Villamor: this is the fundamental characteristic that unites us, this unique shared experience brings us together and upon this shared bond our Villamor High School Alumni Foundation Inc. is built.

May you feel that here is where you belong.

In desinence, let me introduce to you the people whom you can count on to serve you for the year 2013-2014:

PRESIDENT Marcelino ‘Marci’ Bautista Class ‘67

VICE-PRESIDENT Amelia ‘Amy’ Nerecina Class ‘63

SECRETARY Jocelyn ‘Joy’ Navarro Class ‘85

TREASURER Amor ‘Amor’ Sande Class ‘68

AUDITOR Amalia ‘Amy’ dela Cruz Class ‘84

PRO External Comm. Ruben ‘Ruben’ Manaog Class ‘73

PRO Internal Comm. Edmundo ‘Ed’ Ballaran ClasS ‘83


Nena Gonzales Class ‘64

Crisanta ‘Cris” Ignacio Class ‘69

Aurora ‘Au’ Garcia Class ‘72

Lucillo de Guzman Class ‘77

Elizabeth Sotto Class ‘78

Victor Tolentino Class ‘79

EEliseo ‘Eli’ Ganotice Class ‘89

My gratitude to all of you and may I declare that I am proud to be a Villamorian.


Dr. Marcelino Santos Bautista, PhD

From L to R: Au Garcia'72, Cristy Ignacio'69, Ed Ballaran'83 PRO Internal, Ruben Manaog'73 PRO External, Amor Sande'68 Treasurer, Joy Navarro'85 Secretary, Eli Ganotice'89, Amy Nerecina'63 Vice-President, and MarC Bautista'67 President. Next to him is VHS Principal, Mrs. Dolores Torcuator.
NOT IN THE PICTURE ARE: Amy Dela Cruz'84 Auditor, Batoy De Guzman'77, Beth Sotto'78, Nena Gonzales'64, Edwin Castillo'74 and Vic Tolentino.

We take a bow because our one-year term has ended.

We take a bow because we are happy we have served in accordance with the vision of promoting the general welfare of our dear alma mater, its students, teachers and staff, and our alumni friends and colleagues, as well.

We are taking a bow because we are confident the new team shares the same passion and dedication to serve.

With deep sense of humility, we trumpet the cornerstone of our year-long administration --- absolute transparency. WITHOUT FAIL, we published on a regular monthly basis in the http://villamorhighschool.org website, the financial condition (Cash Flow Statement) of the Foundation. While there is absolutely no misappropriation of funds for personal interest even by the past administrations, WE did not take for granted our duty to get the alumni informed of what was happening, especially on matters involving finance.

We were passionate in getting as many alumni and groups of alumni involved. We relentlessly sought them, and finding them, we made them attend and participate in the discussions during the monthly meetings. They were satisfied there was nothing confidential. Though not members of the Board, they could feel they were part of the Team. The Foundation was greatly rewarded. Much sought unity has been realized, and with the feeling of belongingness, we had a highly successful, records-setting Grand Reunion and Homecoming last February 9, 2013 (Please refer to the report published in the website last February.

We were doubly fortunate because our colleagues overseas, particularly from America and Canada, encouraged and inspired us and never wavered to extend financial assistance for our educational program and projects.

Lastly, we take a bow because your Foundation has served as an important instrument in enhancing and further reinforcing the character of the students (and parents, as well) by conducting workshops on Values and Attitudes, and Self-Awareness through group dynamics.

We are the members of the 2012-13 Board of Trustees:


Gilberto M. Carolino



Jaime Co, Jr.



Milagros O. Guerrero



Gracia E. Garcia



Amelia V. Nerecina



Magdalena Gonzalez


Marcelino S. Bautista


Juliet Estillore


Aurora Garcia


Fe Barcelo


Phoebe Robedillo


Jocelyn Navarro


Loida Cortabista


Miriam Gonzalez


Meynard Bernardez


AND,we are turning-over the Foundation’s finances as of

March 31, 2013, as follows:


General Fund -Current Account



Savings Account



Petty Cash Fund



Educational Fund



Total Peso Fund



US Dollar Deposit



NOTE: The big increase in the Educational Fund is due to the Golden Donation of Gold Jubilarian Batch’63 of ONE-HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS P100,000.00 and FORTY THOUSAND PESOS (P40,000.00) from PAGCOR.

The Current Account as of March 31, 2013 is the Grand Reunion and Homecoming Financial Statement published on the website after the February 9 event which since has not been touched, plus the net interest income for the months of February and March 2013.




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