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Dear Fellow Villamorians!

As much as we desire, the Treasurer's report is not included in this report of mine.
I will have to recourse to the printed but incomplete report she handed to us present during the General Assembly of February 22, 2014.  We will present the Treasurer's report later as soon as she hand to us the official report.

Note and some updates:

February 22: The General Assembly was attended by some 32 representatives from 19 Batches. The Meeting commenced at 10 am with a prayer, the singing of the National Anthem and the Official Opening Statement by current and also re-elected President Marci.

The President segued his time by giving an honest to goodness evaluation of the Projects of the outgoing VHSAFI Board, expounding heavier on the recently concluded Annual Reunion.  Apart from the apparent success of the event, which we all are very thankful for, the President lamented the fact that the Celebrant Batches were very much wanting in their effort to make their Jubillee Year a memorable one. He cited the inadequate concerted effort of the Celebrants resulting in too much reliance to hinted financial backing by the Golden Jubillarian. He bluntly stated the fact that the pledges made by Batch 64, especially in terms of ticket sales and financial support were very fractionally concretized.

In relation to the aforementioned, the Board has introduced several resolutions:

?    that they the Board must always be involved in the Celebrants' exclusive meetings, especially during the presentation of the Budget for the Reunion, the choice of venue and caterer.  The Celebrant Batches should not take this Board Participation as intrusion nor as meddling but as support.  

?    that should a Celebrant Batch prefers a more luxurious venue other than what has been strongly proposed based on the budget, citing reasons generally acceptable and supported by realistic and feasible assumptions, declaring to subsidize financially the said choice, the proposal should be submitted in writing and approved by all 6 Celebrating Batches and the VHSAFI Board so as to have legal binding.

?    that members of a Working Committee are duty bound to show dedication and active participation to the task assigned. In case contrary, the committee chair should notify the Board immediately for proper intervention and eventual replacement of the erring member.
 All the above resolutions were agreed unanimously by those present and the resolutions proposed were further ratified and upheld during the Board's meeting of Feb 28, 2014.

The meeting proceeded with the Treasurer's report with Ms Amor Sande detailing every entry and entertaining questions related to her exposition.

Former VHSAFI President Miriam Martinez took the floor to share important past experiences and clarified points as to the distinction of competencies and tasks between the Board and the Celebrants as key to a harmonious collaboration to a successful Homecoming organization.
The Assembly recessed for 15 minutes for snacks and by 11:30 am proceeded with the 2nd part of the GS Agenda: election of a new VHSAFI BOARD.

VHSAFI Founding President, Dr. Rex Barbosa presided the second part of the GS, with a clear discourse centering on the faithful observance of the VHSAFI Constitution and Bylaws by every member of the VHSAFI Board and that amendments must be carefully thought of to enhance the relevance of the Foundation in present times.  

This officially opened the floor for the nominees and subsequent election of the new VHSAFI Board Members from where the Officers were elected who will serve for the year 2014-2015, beginning April 2014. The positions of Assistant Secretary, Asst. Treasurer, PRO and Sgt-at-Arms were all appointed positions approved by the Board in a resolution, borne out of the current exigencies and needs of the present state of the Organization. VHSAFI is not obliged to report this appointed posts to SEC.

Herewith below is the list of the newly elected VHSAFI BOARD for 2014-2015, the outcome of the VHSAFI General Assembly Meeting of February 22 in Villamor High School:

President-Marcelino S Bautista ‘67;
Vice-President-Eliseo Ganotice Jr ‘89;
Secretary-Amalia D Dela Cruz ‘84;
Asst. Sec-Crisanta P Ignacio ‘69 (appointed);
Treasurer-Gracia E Garcia ‘66;
Asst. Treasurer-Amor B Sande ‘68 (appointed);
Auditor-Peter Hansel Torres ‘85;
PRO -Audie Opeña ‘80;
Sgt- at -Arms-Danilo Lorica ‘70. . . .
Trustees- Gaudelia L Walde ‘60, Rogelio Sancho ‘63, Aurora Garcia ‘72, Elizabeth Sotto ‘78, Victor Tolentino ‘79 and Rhona  David ‘83.
Ex- Officio Members are Representatives of the other Celebrating Batches namely '65, '75 and '90.

Submitted by:
Dr. Marcelino Bautista ‘67
VHSAFI President 2013-15

To all Villamor Alumni and others wanting to get some news about VHS ALUMNI GRAND REUNION 2014:
WHAT: Grand Alumni Reunion
WHEN: 5pmFebruary 08, 2014
MOTIFF: FAR WEST (Cowboy, Cowgirl Outfit)
COST: P700.00

For reservations (tickets are going fast), kindly contact your Batch Coordinator or any VHSAFI Board of Trustees. My no. +63 922 264 8150

Marcelino Bautista
2013-14 VHSAFI President



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