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4th Fun Bowling Tournament

Robinsons Place, Malate Manila

February 13, 2016




1.1The 4th VHSAFI Fun Bowling tournament will be governed by the 2016 BOWLING TECHNICAL COMMITTEE. It shall be the duty of the team captains and members to conduct the league in most sportsmanly manner and to foster camaraderie and goodwill among the members of the participating teams.

1.2 The Tournament Director shall act as Chairman of the Bowling Technical Committee which shall be composed of all Team Captains.

1.3 It shall be the duty of the Tournament Director to handle and receive any protest, clear any misunderstanding and/or interruption of the rules and regulations contained herein.

1.4 Matters not settled by the Tournament Director shall be presented to and acted upon by the Technical Committee which shall see to it that an equitable and final solution to reached.



2.1 A one-day tournament will be held on February 13, 2016, at Robinsons Place Bowling Center at Malate, Manila;

2.2 Registration start at 12:00 noon, game will start at 1:00 pm to 5 pm;

2.3 Competition will be based on a total pin falls in a "3-game series" format, the team/batch with the "Highest Total Pin Falls" shall be declared as the "CHAMPION TEAM";

2.4 In case of a tie, a one-frame roll off shall be played, until the tie is broken.



3.1 Only FIVE MEMBERS, male or female may play at any given game.

3.2 Team should be composed of a minimum of five (5) members and a maximum of ten (10) members. Team composition may not be changed/replaced/altered when tournament has started.

3.3 Each batch/team must select their Team Captain.

3.4 Replacement  of players will be not be allowed when the "opposing" team has rolled the first ball in the first frame.

3.5 In  case of substitution wherein a player is injured during the game, the team captain must notify the Tournament Director/Committee (if injured player is a male, replacement should be male and if female, replacement should be female).

3.6 The will be no "Default" since all scores will be counted.

3.7 Team members must be a legitimate VILLAMORIAN. In case a team cannot complete the total required players, they can get from other batch to form a 5-team players.



4.1 All players must wear their official Batch uniform. A 20 point/pins penalty will be deducted from a players for every game he/she played without uniform.

4.2 All score sheets must be signed by the opposing Team Captain prior to submission of score/s after each and every game to the Technical Committee.

4.3 Any error in the score sheet found by the Tournament Director shall immediately be corrected and the Team Captain shall be notified.

4.4 The Technical Committee reserves the right to make the final interpretation  of the rules and regulations mentioned herein and in any other matters not covered by the aforementioned tournament rules and regulations, and its decision/s shall be considered final.

4.5 Lane Rotation, after each game, each teams required to change lane assignment which shall be announced by the Technical Committee.

4.6 All Team captains are requested  to emphasized to their members the importance of conducting themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and observe bowling etiquette.





Shall be composed of members from the VHSAFI (preferably the president and one more representative), and the Team Captains of the participating batches.

The Bowling Tournament Director is from the batch that organized the tournament which is batch '70;


Members of the Organizing Committee from batch '70:


Nestor Cabiles    -    Tournament Director        0929 890 8693

Edmon Alino    -    Vice Tournament Director    0927 411 4344

Danny Lorica    -    member            0928 372 4618

Robert Rivera    -    member            0917 739 9692


D:Ganoticevhsbatch89vhsafiadobe2016 ticketVHSAFI logo colored.jpg

Greetings, Fellow Villamorians!

On behalf of all the members of Villamor High School Alumni Foundation Inc. , I would like to extend a warm and sincere thank you for trusting me to lead our organization for the year 2015-2016. I am fortunate enough that our set of officers are primarily compose of experienced personnel which greatly offset my inexperience for running such office (having only a  three consecutive years in serving the board). For this reason, I am forever grateful to them especially to VHSAFI founder Dr. Barbosa for their invaluable guidance.

    "That we voluntarily accept the responsibilities of the office I was selected to and agree to perform its duties and functions to the limit of my ability and industry, knowing fully well that the only reward I shall expect will come from my personal satisfaction in having rendered service of love to Villamor High School, its alumni, students, staff and its surrounding communities."  -  quoted from VHSAFI oath of office

I am very pleased to announce our set of VHSAFI officer for the year 2015-2016.

President - Eliseo (Eli) Ganotice Jr.  '89

Vice President - Amalia (Amy) Dela Cruz  '84

Treasurer - Peter Hansel Torres   '85

Secretary - Crisanta (Cristy) Ignacio   '69

Auditor - Aurora (Au) Garcia   '72

PRO - Joshua Abueg   '91

Asst Treasurer -  Victor (Vic) Tolentino   '79

Asst Secretary -  Elizabeth (Beth) Sotto   '78

Trustees - Guadelia (Del) Walde   '60

Trustees -  Amelia (Amy) Nerecina  '63

Trustees - Marcelino (Marci) Bautista  '67

Trustees -  Belmarie (Bel) Jornadal  '71

Trustees - Miriam Martinez  '76

Trustees - Ciely Paraños  '81

Trustees -  Vener Collao '86


Looking forward in meeting you all in Feb 20, 2016 Grand Alumni and homecoming to be held in One Esplanade building Pasay City Manila.



Eli Ganotice


Scheduled VHSAFI activities


Event        :     Bingo Social - December 2015


Location    :    Villamor High School


Description    :     A fund raising activities for the floor elevation project of faculty room and clinic


            (approximately 130 square meter, floor area. additional 1'4" clearance from                 ground). This project will solve the perennial problem of flooding in the said                 area.


Scope         :    Open for all


Cost         :    to be announce


Coordinator    :    Beth Sotto 0926 712 8043


Event        :     Basketball Tournament - January 2016


Location    :    to be announced


Description    :    A new fun activities for all to enjoy


Scope        :    Open for all batches


Cost        :    to be announced


Coordinator    :    Vener Collao 0920 443 7642


Event        :     Bowling Tournament - February 13, 2016


Location    :    Robinsons Place - Ermita Manila


Description    :    An annual fun activities


Scope        :    Open for all batches


Cost        :    to be announced


Coordinator    :    Danny Lorica 0928 372 4618


            Aurora Co 0908 820 0672


Event        :     Grand Alumni and Homecoming - February 20, 2016


Location    :    One Esplanade Bldg., Diokno Blvd. Pasay City


Description    :    An annual get together of all Villamorians


Scope        :    Open for all Villamorians


            Celebrating batches: 61, 66, 71, 76, 81, 86 and 91


Cost        :     P750.00 each ticket


Coordinator    :    Peter Torres 0925 851 7119


            Cristy Ignacio 0917 602 0157


            Batch coordinator ( at the moment, consolidating the list of batch coordinator )






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