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Mr & Ms VHS ALUMNI 2015
Mechanics: By VHSAFI President Dr. Marcelino Bautista
1. Candidates for Mr & Ms Alumni 2015 shall be nominated or fielded by the Celebrating Batches namely:
B60, B65, B70, B75, B80, B85, and B90.

2. Said batches shall nominate the most suited and willing candidate from their Batch - a gentleman and a lady - to vie for the the title of Mr & Ms VHS ALUMNI 2015. Each chosen candidate shall pay a P500.00 entry fee.

3. This is not a beauty contest but a popularity contest. Votes will come in form of ballots. Every ballot cast worth P5 pesos will count as One (1) point. An initial set of Ballots worth P10,000.00 each for The MS and MR shall be advanced to the candidates at the regular VHSAFI Board Meeting 9am of November 08, 2014, by the VHSAFI Board Secretary and Treasurer.
4. Ballots with the corresponding name of the chosen candidate will be dropped in a Ballot Box ( distinctly for MS & MR entries) to be provided during the Bowling Tournament in January at Paeng Nepomuceno Bowling Alley in Robinson's Ermita.
5. First private counting of ballots by a chosen jury shall take place during the Bowling Tournament while the Bowling competition is going on. Candidates or their representatives may witness the private ballot counting to be held in a designated place in the Bowling Tournament Venue.
6. The 1st preliminary result of the private counting of ballots shall be announced at the awarding ceremonies of the bowling tournament.
7. There will be a second and last chance of casting of ballots during the VHS GRAND ALUMNI REUNION on February 7, 2015 where the Official Candidates and their rankings shall be presented to the Assembly. Other non Celebrating Batches may throw support to their chosen Candidate by dropping either cash (all cash and foreign currencies accepted with corresponding name of the candidate stapled in the bill. After determining exchange rate for foreign currencies, every P5 pesos will equal to 1 vote).
8. Ballot Boxes for Mr & Ms VHS ALUMNI 2015 shall officially close at 8pm during the Grand Alumni Homecoming on February 7,2015 at Valle verde Country Club. Thereafter, another set of jury shall initiate the counting in a disclosed place in Valle Verde Country Club with the Candidates or their Representatives present during the canvassing, results of which shall be tallied with the first Official Result garnered during the January Bowling Tournament.
9. The Male Candidate for Mr and the Female Candidate for Ms who receive the highest canvassed vote shall be proclaimed Mr & Ms VHS Alumni 2015 and shall be crowned during the program of the Grand Reunion in front of the Assembly.
10. Grand Winners will be official Ambassadors of VHSAFI to forward the cause for VHS and the Alumni in general. They will receive a Crown for the MS and a sash for the MR - plus other very interesting gifts.
NB: Proceeds of this Popularity Contest shall be properly audited and devolved to current VHSAFI Projects and Alumni Concerns.



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