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Sept 25, 2014

VHS Alumni Room

 The meeting started with the prayer led by Amy Nerecina.


The President called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.


As per attendance record, there were 12 members present. The Board Secretary then certified the existence of a quorum.

Officers and Trustees present:        

                Pres Marc Bautista                                Cristy Ignacio                          Amor Sande

                Amy Dela Cruz                                        Beth Sotto                              Roger Sancho

Peter Torres                                            Au Garcia                                Rhona David

Danny Lorica                                           Del Walde                               Audie Opena


Honorary Members:

                Becky Wilder – Batch ‘65

                Josie Ramos – Batch ‘65

                Nestor Cabiles – Batch ‘70

                Mila Guerrero – Batch ‘70

                Rey Rasing – Batch ‘80



3.1.   Fund Raising Activities:

                3.1.1.   Bowling Tournament:

-          The rest of the details remain the same except for the venue. Since Makati Cinema Square is currently having problems with the A/C and no assurance of renovation in the near future, the committee decided to change the tournament venue to Robinsons Place Manila. There will be an increase in the cost of venue as expected.

-          The board agrees to maintain the registration fee at Php5,000.00 for the early bird which is up to Nov 30. After the cut-off date, registration will be Php6,000.00

-          Bowling committee (Batch 70) was asked to present a comprehensive report of estimated expenses including prizes, awards, etc.

-          Prizes for the winning team will be cash and amount of which will be decided in the next regular meeting.

-          Early bird payment received from the ff batches: 10k (2teams) from Batch ’65 by Becky Wilder; 2K as initial d/p from Batch ’83 by Rhona David.

Confirmed batches that will join the bowling tournament:

B ’63 – 1 team                        B’83 – 1 team

        B ’65 – 2 teams                      B ’84 – 1 team

        B ’67 – 1 team                        B ’85 – 1 team

        B’68 – 1 team                         B ’80 – 2K donation for this activity

        B ’69 – 1 team                       

B ’70 – 2 teams


3.1.2.           Golf Tournament

-          Proposed golf tournament was shelved due to lack of firm commitment from different batches including celebrating batches to raised 1M, which is the target income for this event.

-          As per committee (Batch 80), if we will not target 1M might as well shelve this proposal.

-          Batch 80 will still continue with their annual golf tournament. Board agrees to support and campaign for additional players. Batch 80 will still give something to the foundation.

3.1.3.           Miss Alumni

-          Each batch must have one (1) candidate

-          Php 5 is equivalent to 1 vote

-          The candidate with the highest votes will be announced as winner. It was agreed to have one round of vote canvassing.

3.2.     Reunion Tickets:

  • Date of Release – Oct 4 (Special meeting with all batch reps for ticket distribution)
  • Board agrees to increase the early bird rate to Php675 at break-even level.
  • Early bird rate will apply to those who will pay within the months of October and November
  • Php750 rate will apply from Dec 1 up to Jan 15
  • Cut off for ticket sales – January 20, 12 mn
  • All unreturned tickets from Jan 21 are considered sold
  • Any board member who will get or receive tickets on behalf of another batch or alumna will be responsible for the payment of unused tickets
  1. 4. Advertising
  • Proposed registration using the Google doc as prepared by Becky Wilder. Everyone is invited to register even those who will not attend the homecoming, as this will serve as database of the alumni.
  • Peter and Amy will handle the ticket control. Old excel format will be used.
  • BS will continue to report matters of the board, while Becky (as admin of website) will handle the advert blast/campaign

in coordination with the PRO and approval of President

Summary of Action Items:

Action Items

Delegated to

Time Line

Locate, communicate and invite Batch 75 and 90

Au Garcia, Amy D., Peter

Report on Oct. 11

Delivery of printed tickets

Audie O.

Sept. 30

Google docs


Send to email - immdtly

Old excel file for ticket control

Amy D., Peter and Eli

Next mtg – Oct 11

Present actual budget for Bowling Tournament

Nestor C., Mila G.

Next mtg – Oct 11

Distribution of Tickets


Oct 4 – 9am

Advance copy of ticket to be used for the ad blitz

Audie & Becky W,

Sept 26, 2014

Start of media blitz

Becky W.




There being no other matters for discussion, the President declared the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

CERTIFIED CORRECT BY:                                                                         ATTESTED BY:


Amy Dela Cruz                                                                                        Marcelino Bautista, PhD

Board Secretary                                                                                      President


Greetings, Fellow Villamorians!

First and foremost, I would like to express my heart-felt thank you to our VHSAAA 2012-2014 Executive Officers for their dedication, hard-work, perseverance and diligence for the success of our recently concluded Grand Reunion last July 25-27, 2014 in San Francisco, California. You all have been inspirational role models for me and I’m sure the rest of the Alumni will agree, as well as the next generation of VHSAAA Officers to come. Like I mentioned from my short speech, I’m going to continue and maintain the legacy that you all have passed on so the VHSAAA tradition and spirit lingers on.

Before I announce our newly-elected VHSAAA Officers for 2014-2016, let me share with you the plans for our 2016 Grand Reunion which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada around September or October time frame, the details will still need to be discussed and agreed on. My plan is to encourage and motivate more Villamorians to that upcoming celebration, so I have taken the liberty of contacting some of the active or “core” people in some batches, which I would call this: PROJECT: REACH-OUT!!!

Now, I’m very pleased, honored and humbled to announce and introduce our VHSAAA Executive Officers for 2014-2016:

• President – Melanio (Mel) Casupanan ‘73
• VP – No. California – Susan Cifriano ‘76
• VP – So. California – Edita Reyes ‘72
• VP – Canada – Fleur deliz Pichay ‘67
• VP – Outside California – Lydia Antolin ‘61
• Treasurer – Elvira Rillon ‘76
• Corresponding Secretary – Zennie McClintock ‘68
• Recording Secretary – Teresa Franco ‘72
• Auditor – Elisa Torres ‘81
• PRO – Carlos Unas ‘66

I guess I’m considered the “new kid in the block” so I’m looking forward to personally meeting and knowing you all, if not most of you, so please bear with me when those “senior moments” start to creep up.

See you all in 2016 in Las Vegas!!!

To God Be The Glory!

Mel E. Casupanan



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